Reinforcing your Intents with the Feng Shui Magic Square Placements


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Dear Roseline, How can I decorate my master bedroom inside the Feng Shui Magic Square? Shall I do this in relation to the main house plan/Feng Shui grid (magic square) or shall I only place the grid onto my bedroom? Areas will change as the two Magic Square (grids) overlap. How can I do to make this right? – Cheers, Alice (Perth)

Dear Alice,

The Feng Shui Magic Square – also referred as Feng Shui Grid or BaGua – can be placed on many levels as long as the placement always aligns the side ‘8-1-6’ with the entry – this is valid when we follow the Black Hat School of Feng Shui (not the Compass school).

Magic square in colour

You can thus place the Feng Shui Magic Square as follows:

Grid A – On your Block of Land
Chi Kou, which means the mouth of the Chi = relates to the entry of your block, it is where Chi (energy) enters. This is generally located at the widest entry point which most of the time corresponds to the driveway. Align the side ‘8-1-6’ of your Grid A with the driveway.
Grid A of your block of land will be the first one to check from the Feng Shui point of view. Look for any dead trees, where your bins are placed, where flowers are blooming – each and every details will have an influence on your life.

Grid B – On the plan of your apartment or house
Chi Kou is the entry door of your home/apartment as designed and defined by the architect and by your address. It is the door people would normally come and knock on when they don’t know you. I strongly encourage you to open that entry door at least once a day – especially for those of you who would use their back door which is not really good Feng Shui. Align the side ‘8-1-6’ of the Feng Shui Magic Square (Grid B) with your main entry door.
Grid B which gives you the opportunity to live and scan your Feng Shui inside. Place Grid B on one level of your house or apartment, for two levels, you will have another grid placement upstairs, at the top of your stairs which becomes your entry point upstairs.

Grid C- On each of your main Rooms
Yes, the Feng Shui grid can again be placed on each of your rooms, generally the main ones such as living room, rumpus, bedrooms. Always place the C-Grids aligning side ‘8-1-6’ with the entry of the room (if two entries, the widest or the most used is the one you’ll choose).
When placing C-Grids is when you strongly emphasise what you wish to manifest the most.

That means that all grids are on top of one another?!
Yes, indeed, they often have different entry door directions so they will easily overlap – to avoid confusion, simply stay focus on your each intent you have in mind while doing the adjustments for each grid and everything will be all right.

Intentions are your keys to success!

Please Note
One of my clients had enhanced her Romance sectors ‘2’ of her garden, home and of each rooms. She is a single mum with a young girl with special needs. She cannot imagine having a relationship with a man until her daughter is old enough to leave home one day… Nevertheless, she activated the energies in that part of all her grids! This lady does not socialise much at all and only goes out of home to school or for grocery shopping. During that time, she sees men smiling and sometimes talking to her. She never makes a step to keep in touch with them as she believes that a relationship for the next decade is impossible. – So, may I ask you… why activate Romance when you are not ready!? The grid offers 9 sectors to choose from and each opens doors to something new in life.

Roseline Deleu face photoFeng Shui always starts with common sense and logic. Activate energies and enhance your sectors only when you are ready to welcome its magic… because it can happen very fast!

Happy Feng Shui to you!

Roseline DELEU
Feng Shui Master & best-selling Author




Feng Shui – Intuitive Predictions November 2017


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Download your printable version 2017 November predictions

Nov 2017 predictions

LIFE PATH, CAREER – Gold in your Hands
You are gifted, are you using that gift in your daily life? Some people told you that you have ‘gold in your hands’! Are you a craft person, a healer, an admin person who can type good reports – or do you feel any other gift coming from your hands!? Use them !

Sounds like a famous song title!? You haven’t had much sexual interactions lately and it is time to regain confidence in you and make some steps towards a more sensual relationship. Trust that you can.

RESPECT, FAMILY, HEALTH, PAST – Protected from Stress
You find new ways to protect yourself from stress! You observe instead of judging. You step back from a situation rather than getting straight into it. You allow time and pause before answering. No need to carry other people’s stress for them: you can’t. Everybody has their story and you are there to listen. Just listen and they will find their ways.

You prefer quality vs. quantity. You de-clutter the sector #4 (Abundance) of your home, of your office and of your main living room –  see what the universe provides you within that week!

YOU – Red and Orange chakras
Your red and orange chakras and nearby organs are receiving a good healing from you during this month of November! Some through detox, other through choosing a different diet. Give yourself three weeks and enjoy the difference in your body.

Love is all there is and all that counts. Give pure Love and unconditional Love around you and remember… to  and appreciate yourself everyday!

Your projects can be larger than you imagine. Your children can achieve more than you think. Open your mind and allow all to grow.

You are angry that money has been a too big driving force in your life so far. Money is energy and you can manage it better. No need to spend it all – or the other extreme… to be greedy. How much does it cost you to stay in the job you are today and that doesn’t make you happy? How long have you been stuck in that relationship with a person you don’t love anymore just because of the fear of what you will have to give/share in case of separation/divorce? Think of how Money is leading your life and make that step to respect yourself.

Are you like a crab retreating inside your home? Are you the crab in the bucket that wants to crawl out ? Leave your fears and start living.

November 2017 – How much does Money lead your Life?
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Disclaimer: These predictions are for FYI=For Your own Improvement only.
Take responsibility for your actions 🙂

Roseline Deleu
International Feng Shui Master, Visionary, Author & Inspirational Speaker

Feng Shui Aquarium


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Dear Roseline, I just discovered your blog and I’d like to ask you a question about my aquarium. What is the best number of fish and which colours? Currently I have 9 fish: 1 orange cleaning windows, 1 grey cleaning floors, 6 red/orange ones and 1 black. I’d like to know which place is best in the home to place it so that I can run a successful business from home. – Thank you for your answer – Camille (France)

Dear Camille,

Thank you for your question that will help many readers!

  1. Number of Fish
    9 Fish is very auspicious in Chinese Feng Shui, so you are already on the right track! 🙂
    What is really essential is that your aquarium is large enough for those 9 fish to live and swim comfortably. A little round bowl wouldn’t be good 😦  !
    If any of the fish dies, please replace it immediately.
    Avoid placing the aquarium near EMF, which means near TV, power boxes, router etc.
  2. Fish Colours
    Chinese Fneg Shui recommends red/orange fish and 1 black. Personally, I do like all fish colours, so I make sure that I have at least 3 red/orange and 1 black, the others will be multi coloured ones. So, what you currently have is perfect!
  3. GOOD Aquarium Placement
    Best spots for aquarium are either: Magic square in colour
    – near your main entry door (right hand side)
    – in sector ‘1’ (Career, Life Path)
    – in sectors ‘3’ or ‘4’ – to encourage Health (3) and Abundance (4)
    – in sector ‘6’ (Help & Travels) best for you to increase number of clients that you are helping with your work and who help you in return by paying your fees.
    How to place the Magic Square – Feng Shui Grid onto your premises, see my previous blog articles.
  4. AVOID by all means!
    NEVER place an aquarium (nor water fountain, nor photo of waterfalls, rivers etc) in sector ‘2’ – your relationship would ‘float away’ – NOR in sector ‘9’ – it would ruin your reputation.

Best regards,
Roseline Deleu
International Feng Shui Master & Author

Feng Shui – Intuitive Predictions October 2017


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Download your printable version 2017 October predictions

October 2017 predictions

Some people can’t seem to see where they are heading in life right now. Things are unclear. The Universe has plans for all of us so, if you can’t see clearly for the moment, please trust the Universe… its plans are looking good for you!

LOVE, RELATIONSHIPS – Mist is lifting
Ask yourself if your current relationship is good for both of you? … and decide accordingly!
For those of you who are single, make a list with the top 5 qualities and values that you wish to find in a partner. You may well meet that person sooner than you think!

RESPECT, FAMILY, HEALTH, PAST – Observing your Emotions
Stop the dramas that are going on in your head, you are the one creating them!

Surround yourself with a decor that makes you feel rich and you will attract comfort and abundance.

YOU – Healthy and Happy
Your health is improving – your emotional balance makes the difference.  🙂

Plenty of ideas of travels are coming to you. You will be inclined to climb mountains or plan a skiing trip while the beach destinations are left behind!

Teenagers and adult children are finding their passion.
Projects and ideas are created with the intent of the highest good for all.

SPIRITUALITY, STUDY, OPENNESS – Send energy to the Oceans
While meditating or sending healing to Mother Earth, please send it more specifically to the polluted oceans, fish definitely need support right now!

You look into your future and consider enrolling in new studies at a higher level, maybe even University studies that you never envisaged before! Choose topics that make your heart beat with joy and you will succeed easily.

October 2017 – Study
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Disclaimer: These predictions are for FYI=For Your own Improvement only.
Take responsibility for your actions 🙂

Roseline Deleu
International Feng Shui Master, Visionary, Author & Inspirational Speaker

Unsettled in new Home


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Dear Roseline, We have been here in our new home 2 and a bit years and my family and I have all felt displaced and unsettled. Something is not quite right! Your advice would be appreciated. – Jordan, Australia

Dear Jordan,

There are many reasons why someone would feel unsettled. I will list only a few with dot points – this list is far from being exhaustive!

Could be that…

  • Was this new house built on a aboriginal burial site?
  • Do you still long to your old home?
  • Did you say goodbye to your old house (equally important if you rented or owned it) ?
  • Did you take with you in this new home newly bought antiques or mirrors that had been used by another person?
  • Did you bring in with you in this new place objects of recently deceased people?
  • Is your house located near one of those really high electric poles? or high electric fields?
  • Is your new place ‘closed in’ and were you used before to have a large garden or lived on a big property?
  • What is across of your main entry door?

More details from you would be welcomed so I could give you further suggestions. Cheers!

I am happy to help all my readers help themselves with Feng Shui tips.
Even though this blog doesn’t replace a Feng Shui consultation with me, I do welcome simple questions via email to which I will answer by placing an article on this blog so that all followers can learn.

Roseline DELEU
International Feng Shui Master, Consultant, Author


Deceased Jewelry


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Reader’s question

Dear Roseline,
May I ask you a question regarding jewelry that belonged to a loved one. Sadly, I lost my mother a week ago and she gave me the ring that was hers for 7 decades. I wonder if it’s ‘good feng shui’ to safely wear it or if I simply have to clean it? For the past 2 years it had been locked in a safe as she was scared that it would have been stolen in the retirement home where she spent her last years.

Thank you for all your articles on your blog, they have already helped lots of my friends. – X.D. (Australia)

Dear X.D.,

Firstly accept my deepest condolences, it is always hard to loose a loved one and certainly is a challenge too wondering what to do with material possessions and memories.

Your mum’s ring will be carrying her energies especially if she had been wearing it for many decades. For example, I received a while ago an very old and beautiful pearl neckless from an old friend of mine who herself had received it from a deceased friend who survived time in concentration camps. The first time I wore the neckless, Ifelt like something was strangling me. I thus put it several times outside in a ceramic bowl during full moon nights. I repeated this 3 months in a row.
When I wore it 3 months later, after those clearing rituals, the old clip broke. I brought it to a jeweller and had it repaired. Ever since, I wear it either around my neck or as bracelet and each time, I think of my friend who since passed away. She was a strong and courageous lady. I believe that this trait of character is re-activated in my memory every time I put on the neckless. MAybe it has inflenced my courage and perseverance too?

Thank you for your answer, Roseline, I now will start the clearing process and will keep you posted. X.D.

Roseline Deleu
Feng Shui Master, Consultant, Author & Inspirational Speaker


Feng Shui – Intuitive Predictions September 2017


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Download your printable version 2017 September predictions

Your animal for this month is the Ray Manta. This giant of the ocean will help you moving fast forward in life. To remind you of her strength in the water, wear aqua colours, go swimming! Through her, you will receive strong insights in regards to your direction in life.

LOVE, RELATIONSHIPS – Clean your windows
You can’t see where your relationship/partnership is going… simply clean your windows with the intention to see clearly now – this will help because you will focus on the good points.

Start an alkaline diet, reduce sugar consumption, drink lots of water and take care of your kidneys.

Because you have been working so hard and effectively, the Universe is offering you a pay increase or a new job opportunity with a better salary.

YOU – Magician
Like a magician, you know the tricks to protect yourself. You are powerful.

Falling in Love during one of your travels for those who are single and rekindling for those who are already in couple. A very strong and loving energy surround you during this month of September. It’s fantastic!

Prefer Quality vs. Quantity… for your projects, for your children’s friends and for the ideas that you are ready to implement.

A pure heart will always receive messages from pure spiritual connections. Stay away from those who think negatively and focus on purity and positivity instead.

You can be confident and proud of your achievements. People recognised your qualities and some of them may well follow your lead.

September 2017 – Stay pure!
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Disclaimer: These predictions are for FYI=For Your own Improvement only.
Take responsibility for your actions 🙂

Roseline Deleu
International Feng Shui Master, Visionary, Author & Inspirational Speaker

Feng Shui Garden – Wealth area


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Magic square in colourHello Roseline, I hope this email finds you well. We have put a water feature into area 3 with big blue pots and blue and white flowers. I have 2 plastic gold pots with fake plants at the top of the feature and know by rights these should be real flowers not plastic. Can you advise please what type of plants or at least colour I should replace these plastic ones with please. Also we were thinking about putting a cascading plant that would hang done above the Buddha’s head but I don’t if that would be ok or not? I know this is not the money area but I really need to stimulate our money areas so that things get better in that regard. Its been a real struggle and problem the last 12 – 18 months financially. – X.D. Darwin (Australia)Dear X.D.  Thank you for your question!

I would suggest a couple of options:
Option 1 – Purchase a light fabric Safran colour and run it from top of buddha’s head (on top of the bricks) till bottom of the sitting area, letting it flow to cover the 3rd level of bricks under the Buddha (below) so it covers the electric wire too. This will bring a lovely colour AND the effect of wind that you need.
Option 2 – Plant cascading down AND plant cascading UPWARDS (departing under the floor where the lilly is for the moment – can you do this?

Keep in touch,

Roseline DELEU
International Feng Shui Master, Consultant, Author

Threats to Sacred Sites


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I recently read this article from Alanna Moore that I met and have known for probably two decades now (doesn’t time fly!). I though I’d share it with you as well as her upcoming workshops dates in Australia (Alanna now lives in Ireland).
Enjoy your reading – Best regards, Roseline DELEU

Threats to Sacred Sites   by Alanna Moore.

Harm has been done to many of Ireland’s sacred monuments. Not just victim to vandals or stone stealers, it often results from archaeological work done on them! Or, in many cases across the land, in a wave of religious fervour around 1950, crosses and concrete statues were erected willy-nilly over on top of ancient sites! Talk about sacrilege!

Not to mention the modern phone masts puncturing the sacred hilltops in more recent times, such as my local one, in the photo. This was taken at the summit of Sheemore, the great fairy mountain of Co. Leitrim, that seems to have been a Bronze Age citadel.

It reminds me of a conversation with a Korean student recently. She described how, when the Japanese invaded Korea they went around and systematically punctured the ground at the sacred sites with big Earth acupuncture stakes, that were left in the ground to destroy the atmosphere, poison the feng shui. A sort of psycho-spiritual terrorism. That’s similar to the effect of the communication masts in the landscape, they are emasculating the soul of the land, amongst other things. (I’m able to speak of this as someone that has never owned a mobile phone, nor do I ever wish to have one!)

I wrote in my book Divining Earth Spirit about winning a battle in 2004 against a huge phone tower that was going to be put up on top of an iconic, sacred mountain in Victoria, Australia – Mt Franklin. National telco. Telstra was knocked back in court on account of the registered historical heritage of the site, as it is an Aboriginal initiation ground. (When you drive into Mt Franklin’s volcanic crater you will sense why it was considered special.) Several other similar Aussie battles have been won since, because they were able to cite the precedent of our rare win.

So if a nasty communications tower threatens a sacred hill or mountain near you,  which is a lot of places these days, I suggest you find out its heritage status as a possible means of protecting it. Or be pro-active and insist that it gets one, where-ever this may be appropriate, to prevent toxic irradiation of the site in future. The fairies and guardian spirits of these places can’t protect the land alone. Not without our help!

Extracted from Geomantica magazine no 68, August 2017, at

See the full magazine HERE.

Alanna Moore returns to Australia after moving to Ireland two years ago. She will be running several workshops in NSW, Victoria and South Australia from November to December 2017.

Deniliquin NSW
2017 Nov. 3rd – 5th
Backyard Geomancy – Garden Dowsing and Power Towers with Alanna Moore
Bookings – Suzy –

Willunga SA
2017 Fri 10th Nov. evening and Sat 11th afternoon
Backyard Geomancy – Garden Dowsing and Power Towers with Alanna Moore
Bookings – Andries,

Warburton Vic
2017 Nov 25th – 26th
Backyard Geomancy – Garden Dowsing and Power Towers with Alanna Moore
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Maldon, Vic
2017 Sat. Dec. 3rd
Backyard Geomancy – Garden Dowsing and Power Towers with Alanna Moore
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Feng Shui – Intuitive Predictions August 2017


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Download your A4 printable version 2017 August predictions

predictions aout 2017

As solid and majestic as the elephant stepping in the bush, you too are walking in the right direction, the one that you choose. Your choices, you make them yourselves – never give your decision power away! To remember this, save a photo of an elephant onto your computer or phone screen for this month.

Tensions in your couple or partnership? Fed up with celibacy? Play the drum or any instrument made with skin. Beat that drum and at the same time repeat the positive mantra that you created, that corresponds to your wish list and that only involves yourself (nobody else).

Your change of attitude now allows the goods cells to multiply inside your body. And yes, you’ll have to shift attitude for this to happen!

You gave yourself a small budget and you reached it this month, well done! You’ll probably feel like increasing the amount for next month now…

YOU – Six pack
You start a new routine and take care of your body. A series of abs today, increase them by 10% tomorrow and increase again every other day following. You’ll feel revived because exercise is good for your body and for your happy moods too!

Draw an angel, colour it and place this little piece of paper in your wallet.
Take it out each time you need…
Ask, you shall receive!

Projects and children all in good health this month! All is well.

Sit around a fire. Make yourself a promise. Write it at the back of your angel drawing. Add the date. Future will tell.

Why choose limitation while all is possible. The Universe is filled with abundance and there is plenty for everybody!

August 2017 – Exercise your abs

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roseline sticksDisclaimer: These predictions are for FYI=For Your own Improvement only.
Take responsibility for your actions 🙂

Roseline Deleu
International Feng Shui Master, Author & Inspirational Speaker