House # 9


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The house numbers ‘3’ and ‘8’ have been posted last week. Today let’s have a look at the number ‘9’. House numbers are believed to influence our lives to a certain extend.

Illustration of this article show a house number  ’27’ which when we add  2+7 = 9. It also resonates with both number 2 and 7 number that will be important to read in my next posts.

Of course there is much more than a simple number to influence your life!

Nine is an auspicious number in Feng Shui and symbolizes completion, recognition, acknowledgement, fame and emotional well-being.

Living in an ‘9’ house, to a several digits number adding to ‘9’ or a house number containing ‘9’ in the digits, has a positive influence on its inhabitants.

Buying or living in a ‘9’ house could well be the place where you reach your full potential, get that promotion, start and finish all the projects that you always dreamed of. All this and more can happen as long as your sector ‘9’ in your garden and inside your home – of course – carry the energies of the Fire element!

Emotional health is so important in our lives, living with a positive and constructive attitude can lead you to wonderful life experiences. 🙂

Living in a ‘9’ house will help all inhabitants review where they are in their lives today and re-evaluate on a regular basis. They then grow towards a emotionally balanced and strong being and a happy family.


I really like this entrance from a Feng Shui point of view, lots of positive points:

  • Path leading to the house is equal width than the entry door
  • Rectangular stones are strong and wide (rather than having chosen the tiny square ones)
  • River pebbles (Metal element) give the idea of a ‘river’ so the flow going to the house
  • Beautiful, neat and clean door smiles and welcomes you

What would I suggest?

  • I’d probably change the two wooden poles holding the mailbox. One taller than the other may give the idea that one person in the couple may feel not equal to the other. The two pieces also lean on each other.
  • I’d add a circular ornament in the middle of the 4 windows on the left wall. For example, I ‘d see an empty circle made of moss, the green colour will uplift this white wall and balance with the round pot with green plant on the right hand side of the entry door. If you don’t like the moss idea, any other circular feature on that wall would be good.

This beautiful recently built home was designed by Australia based Architect CAROLINA REYES incorporating Feng Shui principles📞0425741606

May the Feng Shui posts of this blog help you with your Feng Shui experiences.
Feng Shui Yours,

Roseline Deleu
International Feng Shui Master & Author


Feng Shui – Intuitive Predictions October 2016


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LIFE PATH, CAREER – The Power of Yin
It is when you are in the “Yin-est” of all, when everything is quiet (Yin), when you think that nothing is moving forward – that’s when big changes are preparing in the background! 🙂  Relax, all is well.

LOVE, RELATIONSHIPS – Open your eyes
Before making any important decision in regards to your relationship(s), wait till the right moment. Step back, observe the implications of your potential moves and decide accordingly always keeping in mind the highest good of all.

RESPECT, FAMILY, HEALTH, PAST – Wear precious stones
Rocks have a soul, they are alive! Wearing your favourite stone this month will smoothens worries, bring you back that positive attitude towards good health and respect or reconnect with long lost family.

ABUNDANCE, WEALTH & MONEY – Connect with the Stars
When you worry about your finances, look up to the night sky and connect with the stars.

YOU – Trampoline
You can always bounce back and get up again no matter what situation you are going through in life. When times are challenging, don’t remain tense it’s too tiring… instead go back to the positive and happy you. The Universe will only send you situations that you are capable to deal with – always!

Open your mind and potential to bigger goals. The world needs you!

You may feel that your projects are currently constricted or limited – during this month of October they are growing as your imagination pushes their limits.

Big month for Reiki energies! Book your session with a Reiki Practitioner, follow a Reiki course or simply reconnect with this gentle and powerful Reiki energy that will bring you strength and insights.

Connecting with mother nature completes and adds to the summary for this October month. We see you contacting the stars in our amazing sky, wearing rocks and definitely connecting with mother nature during regular walks in National Parks. It is only when you will understand the power of the Oneness that you feel complete again.

October 2016 – One with Nature

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Disclaimer: These predictions are for FYI=For Your own Improvement only.
Take responsibility for your actions🙂   

Roseline Deleu
International Feng Shui Master, Visionary, Author & Inspirational Speaker

House #3


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In my last post, I mentioned a few insights on number ‘8’ houses. Today, let’s have a look at the number ‘3’. House numbers are believed to be influencing our lives. Illustrations of this article show a house number 93 which when we add 9+3 = 12 -> 1+2 =3.

Of course there is much more than a simple number to influence your life!

Three is an auspicious number in Feng Shui and symbolizes the past, respect, health and family.
Thus, it looks like living in an ‘3’ house, to a several digits number adding to ‘3’ or a house number containing ‘3’ in the digits, has a positive influence on its inhabitants. Buying or living in a ‘3’ house is known as being a place where inhabitants will be solving things from the past, family or/and health.

People say that most of the health challenges come from emotional imbalance – thus, the way that you managed your emotions in the past during challenging events. Living in a ‘3’ house will help you review it all and encourage you to reconsider a few points within your today understanding.

When realising that in any case, it is no-body else’s fault and that blaming is way out of fashion – you will make steps towards wisdom, personal researches and new choices that will take you to the path of perfect health, appreciating your past and family they way they are rather that the way you’d like them to be. In a ‘3’ house, you start respecting yourself and take responsibility for your actions.

The way to perfect health is following doctor’s orders and combining them with good food, sport, positive attitude + with a good Feng Shui House Entry as well as the correct position of your bed.

The example of this ’93’ house is actually all what you’d like to avoid as this entry and home design is only leading struggle to the inhabitants!    :(  Let’s see what you should avoid!


This ‘3’, home illustrated here will never give good results as a ‘3’ could do! – WHY?
Well, start looking from the front door… Stand in the entry and look out – what do you see?

  • a path ‘cut’ on an angle instead of a solid and curved that should be best to lead to the front door
  • the statue on the floor next to the door seems representing a stressed person with arms and legs crossed
  • when looking out, we see the slope going down to the garage, so Chi goes first down… how can it reach the entry door?
  • front door glass panels are showing down and right again towards the garage slope
  • this house is located in a cul-de-sac where there is no exit for the Chi -> unfortunately all inhabitants of the cul-de-sac will be worrying and res-sassing their same old thoughts and same old ideas all the time
  • windows are all different dimensions (no harmony) which could symbolise each time another outlook on life and perhaps a lot of mind changing
  • why designing a narrow balcony where no-one will ever go above the garage to breathe the exhaust fumes? This unused balcony costs a lot of money and doesn’t add anything to the house.

Ideally, BEFORE building, call a reputable Feng Shui consultant who has experienced many building designs. Is it is a worth while investment, as you will be living in your new home for many years to come.

If the house is already built, it is never too late… as I have experienced so many suggestions for you to live better. Which means that investing in a Feng Shui consultation could well be a life changing experience!    :)  ->  Good news!

I consult and I train Feng Shui Practitioners world wide. I run individual classes that are real Journeys with your Master. I’d love to count you among my practitioners in your country. Contact me and let’s organise this soon together.

Feng Shui Yours,

Roseline Deleu
International Feng Shui Master & Author

House Number ‘8’


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House numbers are believed to be influencing our lives. Illustrations of this article show a house number 35 which when we add 3+5 = 8.

Eight is a very auspicious number in Feng Shui and often 8 symbolizes infinity (->infinity of potential, infinity of possibilities etc.)
Thus, it looks like living in an ‘8’ house, to a several digits number adding to ‘8’ or a house number containing ‘8’ in the digits, has a positive influence on its inhabitants.


Watch out though! If your front yard looks like in the two photos of this post, it will be very UN-likely that luck would come and know at your door! The two spikes above the roof peak, the spiky plants and the cacti will keep all the good things away from you.

To attract good luck, always be Feng Shui and common sense aware.

Roseline Deleu
International Feng Shui Master & Author
Feng Shui Steps


Room with no Windows


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In the past couple of weeks I encountered a few places where rooms had no windows and I must admit that this is very challenging for people either living or working in that space!

Always looking at a blank wall or a wall with a pin board full of invoices or ‘to do’ papers pined onto it usually not very rewarding nor inspiring.

How about hanging a beautiful poster of a landscape that would open your view – OR – create a fake window with a dream landscape in the background as illustrated in the photo?

The choice is yours!

Roseline Deleu
International Feng Shui Master & Author


Ultimate Feng Shui Business Card


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roseline-deleu-business-cardLet’s look into some Feng Shui suggestions to design a good and effective business card. Indeed, it is the most compact marketing tool you will ever carry in your wallet and often the most powerful one too.

Make it easy for people to contact you.
Therefore, ensure that your business card is easy to read.

I know for sure that many people who met me remember vaguely my name – Roseline Deleu is not the easiest name to remember nor to spell correctly. Hence why I designed my business card so that people will easily link it with me.

Business cards are still very fashionable and a good way for people to remember how to contact you. Your card says everything about what they need to know and you present yourself and your business in the way most want to be seen.

A well thought-out and designed business card allows you to specialise in and attract the sort of business you want.
For example: for those who start in life or are running a small solicitor’s practice, with the goal of becoming a local leader in conveyancing, you can promote that fact with a simple tagline such as “specialising in conveyancing”.

Always carry plenty of cards and make sure that they are in perfect condition – invest in  a card box or holder from your favourite stationery shop.


DO:  🙂
Include all relevant contact details, such as names, job titles, address, phone numbers, mobile phone, fax, email and website.
– Have a look at the business cards of other companies and individuals in your industry for ideas and reference.
– Communicate well with your designer. Give him/her lots of options and information regarding your vision. There is no use portraying your company as ‘cutting-edge & funky’’, when the reality is ‘traditional & conservative’.
– Match the style of the card to the essence of your company – whether it’s quirky, conservative, traditional, dynamic, artistic or leading-edge.
– Choose a distinctive font without going over the top, people need to be able to read the type.
– Ensure the type is large enough to read, as many people who need glasses don’t necessarily wear them all the time!
-Include your logo or trademark, or a distinctive design element.

DON’T:  😦
– Don’t forget your name is the most important unit of copy on the card, ensure that it is not dwarfed by other elements.
– Don’t make your card too fussy or busy.
– Don’t use too many colours, remember the image you want to project
– Don’t use fonts with serifs, they are not particularly suitable and should not be used in upper case.

– glossy varnish, a slogan or embossed paper can make an ordinary business card look outstanding.
– use stock of 250-300 gsm strong paper will look good, feel sturdy and stand the test of time.

And at the end of all these suggestions, if you still doubt, contact me by email with your project.  🙂

Feng Shui Yours,

Roseline Deleu
International Feng Shui Master

I finally did it!


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As usual, I was tempted to put it off (again and again) because it was never ‘the right time’. I was quite stressed just finishing my work contract and plenty of other things at hand!
Now,  I am so proud and happy that I completed the 5 day Training to become a Feng Shui Practitioner, with Roseline Deleu.

I met Roseline in February 2008 and since May of that special year I wished to follow her course. So it was long overdue. Finally we decided to go ahead.

clo-wardrobeRoseline came and we “Feng Shui-ed” my place as this is part of the teaching (big enjoyable bonus!!!). Yes – We moved furniture around. Yes – We de-cluttered draws, wardrobe and book shelves. This is the active part of the Feng Shui. However, we went much deeper into the reality of this art of placement!

Roseline often spoke and taught about the Nature elements, about the power of them working together in harmony… or not working in harmony  😦
She had me thinking and observing Nature and its amazing work.

Roseline asked off me repeatedly to reflect on: “what does one element to the other”.
– What happens if there is too much of one element when supposed to work along with another? (e.g. wood with water)
– What happens if there is too little of an element or a missing element? (e.g. wood with water)
Yes – Feng Shui is much more than just de-cluttering and moving furniture. In fact; de-cluttering and moving furniture is THE RESULT of Feng Shui understanding and practice.

When finally understanding what clutter and placement does to the energy around you, what clutter and placement does to your own energy; you want/need to de-clutter.

Much is said and written about what ingesting good or bad food does to your body and mind, much also is said about getting rid of people with low energy to keep up yours.
Little these days is said on what the environment YOU CREATE around you is doing to your mind, soul and body.
Yet this is something you alone can change for yourself; and this is Feng Shui, this positive movement and environment that you create is Feng Shui.

I will go to more into details in a few other articles to come; right now I only want to share with you a few of the first results of this amazing 5 day course:
-My place looks great and it feels really good to be here and so do I
-My wardrobe is looking colourful and quite attractive (see picture)
-I was stressed, yet, after the day 3, I could wake up in the morning around 3 or 4 am and fall asleep again easily (I stress very much at the end of a work contract hoping all of my students are able to finalise their course and get a job, I usually then wake up early and can’t find my sleep again)
-I shed 3 kg (still a lot to let go off )
-I am serene and happy again
-None-the-less, we had so much laughter and beautiful experiences
(see short video clip below).

If this article comes up on Roseline’s Blog it means that I have understood what Roseline is teaching and I am sooooooo grateful to have met her and finally taken and completed her five day course.
I will even say: I wish I had done it sooner! So, if you are thinking of doing it, my advice to you is: Go, Do, Have fun and create for yourself a much easier life.

Clotilde Lachat-Monney
Feng Shui Practitioner in Perth and surrounding areas of SW Western Australia
Clotilde also offers consultations in Switzerland (Europe) her country of origin where she visits on a regular basis.
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A bit of humour with Feng Shui makes it easier to get!  😀


This example shows a bedroom layout in which you’d really be challenged to meet the right man. Yes, this room would belong to a spinster or a single woman with problems – or eventually a master bedroom of a couple where the poor husband would not have much to say in the relationship. Let’s have a look at the hints here:

  1. The bed is centered in the middle of the wall, which is usually ‘good feng shui’ – yes, but… it doesn’t seemed balanced as on one side you have a window partially covered by the pillows and on the other side two frames – none of this layout would bring equilibrium into a couple.
  2. Bed side tables and lamps are similar on both sides, which is usually ‘good feng shui’ – yes but… one of the light bulb is broken – so, no light, no energy is attracted on that side of the bed!
  3. Pink is beautiful and symbolises Love – yes, but… when the decor of your room is excessively feminine or too girly, it is recommended to add a touch of ‘male’ or ‘adult’ decor/colours/touch in there.
  4. The window cools down that side of the bed(head), while we really would like to manifest a warm and loving relationship!

Thus, we changed the bed and placed it on the other wall, where there is no window. We put a new light bulb in the lamp and changed the photos of the two little frames. One of the bedside tables (male side) is now empty and you are symbolically now ready to welcome a man into your life – not specifically straight away in your bed… one step at the time!  😉

Would you have one of those ‘Stay-out-Man-Bedroom’ and you are keen to meeting someone nice?… Send me a photo by email and I’ll answer with some suggestions in one of the upcoming blog posts.

Feng Shui Yours,

Roseline Deleu
International Feng Shui Master & Author

Before and After photos of Entry


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DSC_8210  DSC_8212

BEFORE – please note following Feng Shui challenges:
a) The shiny tiled Compass is hidden by a dull mat
-> lack of direction in life
b) The artificial (silk) flower arrangement is the first we see as soon as we open the door
-> what is it in the resident’s lives that is a bit too artificial?
c) The metal shelve hosts eclectic items and clothes
-> too many different items to start a good day with a clear mind  😦
d) A few dried (dead) flowers sadly collecting dust in a glass pot on the floor
-> nothing ‘dead’ in the entry please, we need ‘life’ in an entry so that Chi can carry it with its flow around the whole house! Also, avoid small items on the floor level, they are down, you look down sadly  😦
e) Shoes near the entry… preferably in a closed in cupboard in the garage because on an open shelve in your entry foyer they may emanate a subtle smell – and after I’m sure that  worn shoes are not your favourite decoration  😀

DSC_8520  DSC_8521

AFTER –  note the changes:
a) The shiny tiled compass is now happily shining with the sunlight and an outdoor mat is doing a great job.
b) The artificial flower arrangement is now at the back of the entry door so it is no more the first thing you see when you enter.
c) A second shelve is across the first one, they now both host precious and fun objects that are loved by the grand kids when they visit. They also put a smile and bring joy into the grand parents lives when they come home.

RESULTS –  After those easy changes, the occupants soon felt calmer and peaceful, better organised and their days were filled with more laughter and smiles. After all… Happiness is priceless isn’t it! 🙂

Roseline Deleu
International Feng Shui Master

Building Shapes influence Trade


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Which building to choose and start a successful business? That’s a good question to which everyone would like an easy answer – but it is a bit more complicated than this! Among many possibilities, I’ll explain you one example here below showing  a couple of coffee shops about 100 meters apart. I wasn’t there for Feng Shui consultations but thought of taking photos for teaching purposes.

Those 2 businesses both are located in a spot where they are well seen, that’s the first essential point: BE SEEN!
Let’s see which one people will be choosing?

1. In this round building
Inside this building, many mirrors separate sections of about 4 tables where people are comfortably sitting and reading their newspapers while enjoying their coffees and other of the menu options. Mirrors multiply quantities of who is actually sitting there. We then always have the impression that it is a busy place while still very quiet too. The message that this environment gives is that is is popular and… people like that!


To add to this thoughtful interior decor, the shape of this building is very interesting because round. This shape will attract people as they will feel the welcome of embracing ‘arms’ or a ‘cocoon’ idea that this shape subliminally creates. The lovely look of combination of glass and wood makes this place look warm and is thus attractive to people who want to spend some time in there.

2. In a modern rectangular and too linear building
The ground floor hosts a famous brand coffee shop. Nevertheless its fame, its decor – like in each of these franchised coffee shops – is very cold, linear, dark, impersonal, in other words: cold. The sensation created in this place is fast pace, colours are grey, back and brown. Clients are local admin workers who don’t make time to sit and enjoy but rather pick up a cuppa and go. I took this photo at lunch time and only 3 tables were occupied in the 30 available.


Too many empty tables in an already very open space in a building at the corner of two busy streets doesn’t seem to make this place conducive to stay and relax.
With the purchase of 20+ fresh green plants creating a few more personal spaces, this coffee shop would increase its turnover tremendously. Instead of rushing for a take-away coffee, clients would like to sit and taste the patisserie too. Marketing is much more than a brand name, it is about creating a place where people feel good about themselves. It would be interesting in this case to see if the franchise would accept the idea of implementing plants.

Conclusion: we can’t change the shape of buildings – on the other hand, investing in a Feng Shui consultation with a reputable consultant is really worthwhile! Many people call me to re-vamp their business and have increased their turnovers after following my suggestions.

Roseline Deleu
International Feng Shui Master