Discover Suzie Psychic Reader in 11 Questions


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Suzie was Here! Intuitive Psychic. Multi medium artist. Angelic Reiki.
Roseline Deleu (Feng Shui interviews Suzie

1. Please Suzie, tell our readers briefly WHEN, HOW, WHERE or in WHICH circumstances we met?
I met Roseline through Josè Toussaint’s, Sunday morning toolbox sessions. Roseline was running the session on Fung Shui, the Australian way.

2. Since then, could you share what is the most interesting Feng Shui result that you have experienced?
Probably not grippingly interesting, but I loved finding a toy gold lion and an Indian 2.00 dollar coin on the beach in different spots on different days after clearing the abundance corner in my room.
I am loving the way we are learning together in the group, experimenting with different way to use feng shui principles.

3. Let’s talk more about you now Suzie… Tell us a little about yourself and your business.
I am a very eclectic person have dabbled in a million things. Maybe I get bored, or it could be I am more like a hummingbird and like to try lots of different things. This is reflected in my business and working world. I studied fine art and design in gold and silver smithing and fashion, neither of these things do I actually do for a living now. Although my bloomers I make and wear are a wanted item. I do paint, draw and do ceramic art, I am more attracted to practical items.
I have also studied Reiki and am currently completing my Angel Reiki course.
I am a intuitive psychic, my main connection is through holding onto a person’s object to connect to their higher self, Psychometry.

4. What are the five words that people would use to describe you Suzie?
1. Loud  – 2. Silly  -3. Kind – 4. Creative – 5. Different

5. What was the purpose on starting your business?
I needed to do something.
I had always supported other people in growing their dreams. To scared to step out for myself. It was time to step up to the plate. In the past I have given my employers all of me often leaving myself with naught. I recognised that a long term pattern needed to change.

6. What are the most common reasons of people who come and see/call you?
Most people contact me when they are looking for : Clarity, Direction, Change, Confirmation, Potential options. Personal growth and empowerment.

7. Tell us more about your services/products that you provide to your clients?
Psychic readings and Angelic Reiki (even remotely)

8. Tell us about your process for working with clients ?
With my readings, I will usually ask first energetically if the person is ready to hear what will come through. I ask their higher self for permission, if the answer is yes I ask for an object to hold to use as my connection. If the answer is no I talk more with the client to find out what they are hoping for.
If we meet on line or through email. I don’t hold on to something instead I will pull a card on their behalf and listen for what comes through.
The first thing I usually get when I read for them will be a song.

9. What advice can you offer to people who are just discovering “Suzie Was Here”?
Make contact either by email and phone and we can chat about what you are needing, wanting or desiring.

10. Do you have a book/product/service that you would like to recommend?
Readings and Healing sessions.

11. Where do we find your services?
It is very difficult to find me right now as I am only developing things.
I am based in Victoria for the moment and I am available on line only.
My email address is: suziew-10 [@]
Looking forward to guiding you!

How I ‘met’ Feng Shui and how it empowers people


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Watch this few minutes short interview from Jose Toussaint @ CREATE HAPPY MINDS who asks a few questions to Feng Shui Master Roseline Deleu

Looking forward to seeing you on one of my Zoom sessions!

Roseline Deleu
International Feng Shui Master & Author

Develop your Intuition – starts 6th June in USA – 7th June in Australia


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DEVELOP YOUR INTUITION – 4 week-course (or more weeks… all depends on you!)
once per week!!!

Starting a set of 4 weeks made of maximum 40 minutes sessions on Zoom this upcoming:

Sunday 7 June 2020 @ 10 AM Sydney time, which is

Saturday 6 June 2020 evening USA time

Express your interest and reply me to email fengshuisteps [at] I will send you the Zoom link
Financial participation – you decide in relation to your COVID current financial situation and we will talk about it at the end of the 1st session. It is essential that YOU do something for YOU during those challenging times. ❤️

Yes, you can share this information to your likeminded friends who may be interested.

Looking forward to seeing you soon joining this limited group of great people!
Roseline Deleu
International Feng Shui Master, Intuitive & Author
Email me at fengshuisteps [at]

“Modern world” Genocide could be near you


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My travels recently brought me to the Pilbara in Western Australia. Amazing landscapes when visiting the National Parks. Super hot temperatures though – yes… I was there in January which is Summer and the thermometer showed 47 degrees Celsius. Karijini NP

Karijini NP – Western Australia

Closer to the Coast, I fell in love at first sight with what initially appeared to me as a lovely locality: Ieramugadu, better known on the ‘official’ map and by the new Australians under Roebourne Western Australia.
Terribly sad past history unfortunately, this little township now counts other attractions than the old gaol and counts a Cultural Art Centre in the old pub, a lovely park next to it, sports facilities and nice murals!
I could see myself living there.

DSC_3922 e

Roebourne Lookout

Then I drove up to the top of the hill and had a better look and immediately had second thoughts!
The main electrical power plant is located near the Aged Care, Community Services and local Hospital. The close surroundings of the water tower is decorated with Mobile Phone Antennas zapping the water constantly – whether you drink the water or you wash yourself with it, imagine what it does to you!
DSC_3923 doc

DSC_3924 doc

Last but not least, the local cemetery is surrounded by so many houses that would be very spooky and very unhealthy – physically, emotionally and spiritually – living there.

As very well illustrated in the documentary “Exile and the Kingdom”  we see the huge issues of Colonisation, Slavery, Mining booms… I would like to encourage you to watch, through the above link (Part 1)  the story of the Aboriginal people of Ieramugadu (Roebourne), their Law, their tribal voice – their survival.

I mentioned those three major issues to one of the local Health Centers who probably thought that I was an alien!
I wish a day would come where mayors, town planners and landscapers would start their projects with common sense first and for the Well-Being of all.

Ignorance leads to another modern slow Genocide again in Roebourne!
Wake up please.

Roseline Deleu
International Feng Shui Master & Author


December 2019 – Guidance


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Dec 2019

We reflect on the challenges that 2019 brought into our life. We can look back and appreciate that what at some stage seemed like a difficult situation has shown positive points. Which means: these challenged allowed us to learn new processes!

Our jobs, our relationships, our challenges all teach us about ourselves and only about us: our ability to handle situations, difficult colleagues or managers, our resilience, our patience, our creative minds, our good humour, our values (that’s to only name a few examples – you can keep going… ). Everything evolves around us and our ability to observe, manage, cope and move forward.

Because we are able to see the good points of 2019, we really feel ‘free’!

We enjoy this December and by the end of this month we prepare a list of what we wish 2020 to bring us. This list will be focused on BEING (and not on HAVING).

2020 will be a great year, celebrate it well ❤

Roseline Deleu
International Feng Shui Master & Author








November 2019 – Guidance


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Nov 2019

It is never to late to learn new skills! It is good for the brain, it is great for the moods 🙂

In November, we look into new interests and envisage to enrol in new courses early 2020 for a new beginning.
The next upcoming weeks are perfect timing to do some research in a new field but don’t enrol yet – wait till January.
Indeed… Now is only time to do your research of what you wish to learn!

Enjoy those dreams of change!
With joy and enthusiasm in your heart, write a wish list and the Universe will align all this in a couple of months time for you.

Can’t wait to start writing my list and place it next to my front door with a lovely crystal on top.

Roseline Deleu
International Feng Shui Master & Author



October 2019 – Guidance


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Oct 2019

In the current October weeks, you finally start understanding how to respect yourself… I mean how to respect your mind, your body and your soul! It is only when you respect every aspect of yourself that you can respect others, not the other way around.

Every Body is a beautiful body
Every Mind seeks positivity, happiness and enthusiasm
Every Soul longs for Love because that is all what matters!

Take DAILY opportunities to respect your Body, Mind and Soul and action it with

Body – look at your body and give yourself a compliment
Mind – look at the bright side of your day
Soul – we are emotions, focus on the good emotions and joys that came to your awareness today.

Here is a little ritual for the month: 3 little steps for wonderful days.


as you go to bed, summarise each of the 3 steps you took today for respecting and honouring :
– your Body
– your Mind and
– your Spirit

 and you’ll enjoy a good night sleep.

Enjoy this month to the fullest ❤

Roseline Deleu
International Feng Shui Master & Author




September 2019 – Wake up and Reach out!


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Sep 2019.jpg

When I answered my new hairdresser question :“What do you do, Roseline?” she probably expected a simple answer! 🙂

Telling her only a couple of stories of my life in remote Aboriginal communities in the Central Desert of Australia, sharing my time with the First Nations people, certainly started to broaden her horizons!

Many decades ago I intrinsically knew that there was more to Feng Shui than the Chinese approach. Having lived in Europe and in Australia, I could feel that the energies of the Land are different and I wanted to know more about my new country that today is called Australia. I started my researches on how housing affects Aboriginal people’s health and here is where my journey started.

Many many years later, I lived and worked in close to 20 Aboriginal remote places from Wanarn (Western Australia) to Ramingining (East Arnhem Land in the Northern Territory) and what I learned most is this:

LISTEN, LEARN, READ about the place you live in, the landscape, the plants, the people, the animals, the sound of the wind in the trees, the language.
Stay away from judgement.
Become part of your new home country with all that is included. REACH OUT!

When my new hairdresser heard about a couple of stories that I related, she immediately said: “This is fascinating, you should write a book about it!” She was ready to know more.

That’s when I asked her… “How many books have you read on Aboriginal or Torres Strait Culture and life since you moved to Australia 38 years ago?”
Her spluttered answer was – “none” !
Sadly many people are in the same situation, even those who were born here.

Please, don’t expect the Government to tell you all what you need to know, it is impossible!

WAKE UP and REACH OUT and see and feel how much happier you become.
May your Journey be as fascinating and enjoyable as mine ❤
With Love and Compassion,

Roseline Deleu
International Feng Shui Master, Author and Professional Speaker






New Insights to read on my New Website


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Some recent events in my life pushed me to feel like a big tree growing another strong branch !

Indeed, new interests have developed in the last few years and are now part of who I am today. These changes made my Feng Shui approach much stronger and my personal links with Nature and the Universe more loving.

I let go of the old website to launch (currently a simple one page) the updated version of myself to discover on

roseline 2019The best email address to contact me these days is
fengshuisteps {at} hotmail {dot} com
Looking forward to reading from you!

Roseline Deleu
International Feng Shui Master Author, Intuitive



Change Habits


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After being away for a few months from the place I usually live, I sat in our local shopping center and watched people walked past.

Interestingly, I realised that the population had changed: much more Asians are now running the shops, many more African immigrants were now part of the current population. I wondered to what extent this newer changes impacted on consumerism! (By the way, these are happening all around the world.)

Where would they stop and purchase what they liked? Is this why there are so many shops changing since last year or is it simply because of the exhorbitant rent and change of habits of people buying online?

Buying online is fine for a few items. Luckily, for many people it will never replace the human contact and the fun people have going shopping and browsing.

When you go shopping next, sit down and think how much people are buy stuff they don’t really need and how much that impact on the garbage and on cluttering of their homes.

When you wish to buy something next… take it in your hands, look at it, then ask yourself “Do I REALLY need this?”.

When you buy online, think twice before tapping that ‘add to cart’ button.

We don’t NEED much to BE happy ❤

roseline sticksThank you.

Roseline Deleu
International Feng Shui Master & Author
Email fengshuisteps [at] hotmail [dot] com