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My travels recently brought me to the Pilbara in Western Australia. Amazing landscapes when visiting the National Parks. Super hot temperatures though – yes… I was there in January which is Summer and the thermometer showed 47 degrees Celsius. Karijini NP

Karijini NP – Western Australia

Closer to the Coast, I fell in love at first sight with what initially appeared to me as a lovely locality: Ieramugadu, better known on the ‘official’ map and by the new Australians under Roebourne Western Australia.
Terribly sad past history unfortunately, this little township now counts other attractions than the old gaol and counts a Cultural Art Centre in the old pub, a lovely park next to it, sports facilities and nice murals!
I could see myself living there.

DSC_3922 e

Roebourne Lookout

Then I drove up to the top of the hill and had a better look and immediately had second thoughts!
The main electrical power plant is located near the Aged Care, Community Services and local Hospital. The close surroundings of the water tower is decorated with Mobile Phone Antennas zapping the water constantly – whether you drink the water or you wash yourself with it, imagine what it does to you!
DSC_3923 doc

DSC_3924 doc

Last but not least, the local cemetery is surrounded by so many houses that would be very spooky and very unhealthy – physically, emotionally and spiritually – living there.

As very well illustrated in the documentary “Exile and the Kingdom”  we see the huge issues of Colonisation, Slavery, Mining booms… I would like to encourage you to watch, through the above link (Part 1)  the story of the Aboriginal people of Ieramugadu (Roebourne), their Law, their tribal voice – their survival.

I mentioned those three major issues to one of the local Health Centers who probably thought that I was an alien!
I wish a day would come where mayors, town planners and landscapers would start their projects with common sense first and for the Well-Being of all.

Ignorance leads to another modern slow Genocide again in Roebourne!
Wake up please.

Roseline Deleu
International Feng Shui Master & Author