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After a couple of years of Yin time… deep inside me I found the essential benefits of reflecting.

I recall what one of my old Masters said to me many decades ago: “It is when you are in the deepest Yin, when you think that nothing is happening… That’s when BIG things prepare!” That is SO true!

Indeed, we are living in the area of technology, when everything we want comes at a click (very Yang). Then Covid19 hits (or what the governments decided to do with us). I was isolating like many of us in Australia. People were loosing their jobs, hardly any opportunity was available for months. I thought of all the stress that people endured when isolating and loosing income, being stuck at home, seeing no-one, so what to do? I started offering weekly Zoom sessions on Feng Shui and many people joined, friendship formed, hope and motivation emerged 🙂

I then thought, “What if the worst happens? How can I/we prepare?” I looked at my backyard and for weeks, started to dig and revamp. A vegetable garden was the way! Winter did not stop us, we fed the soil, made a compost, planted seeds – everything grew… I never ate so much dark green kale in my life 😀
The results were worth every minute of our time – eating our own season (organic) vegetables -> our bodies became stronger, talking to the Land -> our minds and spirits connected and we had so much fun!

Seeing GROWTH was inspiring and healing.
Today, more than a year later, again, our season vegetables are growing, many parts of Australia are in lock-down due to a Covid19 rapid increase of cases. Time for me to separate those little ones again and look forward to eating some yummy warm soups.

New Zoom sessions on Feng Shui and Emotional Sanity are coming up soon again in English. Register your interest by emailing me at fengshuisteps {at} hotmail.com and I will send you info and invite link.

May calmness and reflection bring you Peace.
Take care,

Roseline Deleu
International Feng Shui Master & Author

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