Stay away Ducks!


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DSC_0109 wA nice and clean swimming pool located preferably in sectors 1, 3 or 4 of your block of land, is very auspicious as long as it stays clean.

Too often, ducks (and other bird life) use it to our detriment and leave their ‘marks’ into what do our best to keep as clean as possible waters. 😦

An easy trick to keep ducks and some other birds away from it, is simply to place the shape of an eagle in flight as illustrated on these two photos.

DSC_0108 wA sticker of an eagle in flight keeps ducks away.

Cheap solution and less use of chemicals, much better for your skin.

Feng Shui Yours,

Roseline Deleu
International Feng Shui Master & Author


Feng Shui – Intuitive Predictions May 2017


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Download your A4 printable version 2017 May predictions

2017 May predictions

Like the phoenix, you are reborn from you ashes. The past few weeks, you felt a little stuck and you took time to cocoon, did some researches and put your current life into perspective. During May, the opportunities arise and the idea of changing your life style and/or your career, are now emerging.

Forgive and your burden will lift. Whoever, in a past relationship, may have hurt you… it is you who are still carrying the weight of that sadness. People often refer to “a weight on your shoulders”, I’d say it is also “a weight on your lungs”. Forgive what those previous partners, lovers, friends, said or did and you will be free from your suffering and will breathe again freely and abundantly.

Turn your home into your palace – yes, it is your castle! Only surround yourself with quality and happy memories.

When you shop and see an item that you feel attracted to, ask yourself “Do I really need it? Can I live without it?”   You become more aware of over-consumerism and all the rubbish that we throw back into the dump sadly filling our planet. Time to watch (again) Wall-E (Walt Disney movie) a great kids movie with plenty of messages for us all.

YOU – Ideas
Creativity is the key to your balance during this month of May. Paint, craft, clean, move furniture, change decor or do anything else that your hearth fancy!

HELP, HELPERS, TRAVELS Befriend a rock
Ask a rock to choose you – yes indeed, you are not the one choosing this time – you will feel the attraction! For one month, every night as you go to bed, take this rock in your hands and talk to it. Tell it the best thing that happened to you that day. Place the rock onto your bedside table till the morning, then take it with your in your pocket or leave it there as you wish. See how better you sleep and how rock magic brings joy into your life.

IDEAS, CHILDREN & PROJECTS – Learn the Power of Prayers
Whatever denomination or beliefs you live, teach children the power of prayers and the first important key: gratitude!

A new spiritual perception crosses your path and you are feeling keen to learn more.

Whenever you feel down, wear light green and/or pink clothes and/or underwear (they are closer to your skin). Same applies for gentlemen! Yes, a good excuse to go shopping for the right colours now. Then you will ask yourself… Do I really need them? 😀

May 2017 – You are reborn
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Disclaimer: These predictions are for FYI=For Your own Improvement only.
Take responsibility for your actions 🙂

Roseline Deleu
International Feng Shui Master, Visionary, Author & Inspirational Speaker

Too dangerous to help by email


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I often receive emails from readers asking for Feng Shui tips. As an answer for them, I  write a post on this blog for all of you so you all learn.

Unfortunately, there are times where I cannot help, when things are too challenging and in this example below, you can read through the lines that this person is in a very difficult situation.
The best is to suggest her to see a professional counselor as an email or a post, in this case, will never replace professional guidance and I’m sure that you can read here that she needs it.

Email received early April 2017
“I needed to run from my mother as far as I could as well as from my sister. I am still at her house I entrenched in her misery about my life because I couldn’t bring myself to wash her away. I walked out this afternoon and but back in again, it is destroying me and my dog. I wish I had left. 
I cannot believe how awful a place  and people can make you feel or do destructive things to yourself. I thought going to stay with mother would be protective… I but I was totally wrong. I’ve lost all self confidence and am destructive in my thinking to myself, I can’t believe it.  In reality have I  known this deep down and therefore left years ago to a productive life. Unsure how to fix myself out of it. I left my life behind five months ago and nothing but misery and self doubt since coming here. – N.N.

A Feng Shui consultant does look at the psychology of the home but will never replace the help for the person that she will seek with a professional medical doctor, psychologist or psychiatrist.

Always follow common sense.

Roseline Deleu
International Feng Shui Master & Author




Feng Shui – Intuitive Predictions April 2017


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Download your A4 printable version 2017 April predictions

April 2017 predictions

LIFE PATH, CAREER – Open your Eyes
This month, people will feel attracted to the wisdom of those following their truth and who seek to make this place a better world for the highest good of all. Following one’s truth is a sign of respect and strength. It is only when you live your truth that you can be an example to others.

LOVE, RELATIONSHIPS – Connect with the Stars
We are stardust. Look at the sky filled with millions of stars and wonder where did we come from? Talk and connect with stars as you go to bed and look at them through your window. Ask them to guide you to meet your soul mate for those who are single – or – support your current relationship for those in couple.

Problem or challenged with your current health situation? Nature will pick you up! Walk in the park or in your garden and gently caress a young plant, go out for the day to a National Park and be with Nature.  Nature is your best medicine!

Whenever you worry about your finance, wear emerald green and purple blue. These colours will help you focus on positivity and you may well see new opportunities coming your way! In the meantime, no dramas, you perfectly know that you don’t need much to be happy.

YOU – Passion
There is a little voice coming from your heart that instigates you to live or revive your passion. What are you waiting for!?

You are offered an important speaking engagement where you will be able to voice what is important (for the highest good of all). Prepare your talk carefully, even if you have no idea when this request will come, and out of nowhere… it will appear!

You add colours and joy to your projects. You purchase new colourful clothes for your children.
This month is filled with joy, make the most of it!

This month again like last one, Reiki strongly appears. Have you booked your Reiki session yet? Have you looked into learning this technique?

You may have had a broken heart for a while, this month you manage to move on and look at the bright side of life. You are healed.

April 2017 – Healing a Broken Heart
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Disclaimer: These predictions are for FYI=For Your own Improvement only.
Take responsibility for your actions 🙂

Roseline Deleu
International Feng Shui Master, Visionary, Author & Inspirational Speaker

Test your Feng Shui Bed Placement


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Dear Roseline, Since moving the bed what I thought was a better fengshui position, less good came… I believed fengshui bed position would do so much good? Oh dear 😦 – A.N.

Dear Reader,

BedroomI very seldom suggest clients or readers about bed directions calculations, simply because people are then stuck onto one belief rather than doing their own experiences and be empowered to find out by themselves.

In your case, you probably calculated your direction based on another school of Feng Shui, following another master. Everything happens for a reason, this time, it was for you to get empowered and turn your bed around again.

I always suggest to everyone to test their directions for one week at the time (maximum), the results are shown usually within a couple of days. You monitor and write down what has happened during that week and when you had the best week, this is your best direction.

Yes, indeed, either you move your bed around your room or you simply move the orientation your bed without moving the furniture – which can be fun sometimes 🙂

Keep moving till you monitor your best direction and things will settle.

Best regards,

Roseline Deleu
International Feng Shui Master & Author

Could-do-better Shop Entry


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Pursuing my walk in this Jakarta very Chic and State of the Art Commercial Furniture and Decoration Center (see previous post), I choose to show you an entry that is not welcoming at all  😦entree peut mieux faire

I went to this Center several times and sadly never saw any clients in this particular show room that offers beautifully designed and made furniture.

In fact, the entry to the shop sees 3 large shiny sets of black tiles surrounded by white pebbles. The combination itself is a good idea – the little white pebbles are quantities and are looking good around the black tiles (symbolizing the element of water that we need in an entry). The biggest problem is that the tiles are not placed in a Feng Shui friendly way. They are scattered and showing no stability towards the showroom entry itself.

If the Chi doesn’t feel welcome, nor will the clients.

What could the tiler have done? Instead than using large tiles, he may have chosen to curve the path and use tiny mosaïques tiles f.ex. black with maybe a touch of gold or silver and he could have possibly have a better effect.

A challenge would remain for this entry though, because the tiles that have been placed in the Commercial Center itself are slanted and (those on the left of this photo) and create a guillotine effect.

A good Feng Shui encourages curves, circles and avoids sharp angles and poison arrows in an entry.

Feng Shui is the Art of Placement and can be applied everywhere!

Roseline Deleu
International Feng Shui Master & Author

Look up to your ceiling


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lustreWhen I travel the world, I discover new decoration ideas that are Feng Shui friendly and lovvvvvvve sharing them with you!

I recently walked in a very chic and expensive furniture and decoration shop in Jakarta (Indonesia) where I saw this great idea of decorating the electric wire or chain that is holding your light fitting to the ceiling.

It is a very affordable idea and can easily be done by yourself at home as long as you keep fire and safety in mind!

Your old light will get a new life; you add a ‘chic’ touch to your plastic one. Change colour as you wish. It’s fun.

Enjour your Feng Shui changes!

Roseline Deleu
International Feng Shui Master, Author and Visionary

Too independent Girl


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This example of pink bedroom for a girl has been taken in a furniture shop. It inspired me to write you this little post with a few warnings as the little girl who would live there could well be too independent too soon!

  1. Firstly, avoid double beds until late teenager years! A child would feel lost in a large bed like this and could feel the need to become too independent too young feeling heavy responsibilities in life – leading then to potential lost of self-confidence.
  2. A single bed would ideally be placed in a corner, so the child will have the support from both walls.
  3. The frames illustrated in this photo show a single girl playing on her own. Does your child feel lonely? Not very social? Instead decorate with photos of smiling and happy children.
  4. The corner of the draws is a poison arrow that is sending uncomfortable Sha Chi energy to the sleeper (who actually will always sleep poorly in those conditions).
  5. Decor on top of the draws are much too adult and too heavy for a girl’s bedroom and would only collect dust.

Top Feng Shui tip – when decorating your child’s bedroom, bend your knees and look from your child’s eyes height to feel how the decor could affect your little one.

Enjoy your Feng Shui experiences! 🙂

Roseline Deleu
International Feng Shui Master, Author & Visionary

Relationship challenged


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Dear Roseline,

Sorry to say but the relationship with my husband is rather challenging. He is impatient with our 3 y.o. son who is very stubborn (like his dad and myself) so as a matter of fact our couple is suffering. I can’t seem to speak kindly, feeling too tense; on top of that, my husband wants to control me (and everything) non-stop and does nothing.
Would you have some Feng Shui tips for us all? For the moment the rivalry between our son and his dad has the child clinging to me constantly.
Thank you so much – A.X.


It is essential to have all frames at the same level – BUT here above, the example translates into two couples divorcing: a woman looks away, the man on the right too, while the couple in the middle are looking at each other – the middle couple are the two lovers who are together now!

Dear A.X.,

A few suggestions as I don’t have many of your personal details:

  1. I hope that your 3 y.o. sleeps in his bedroom and not in your marital bed
  2. Place a photo of the 3 of you on his bedside table at your child’s eyes height
  3. Display a recent happy and smiling photo of your couple somewhere in your apartment and/or in your master bedroom (photo without the element of water – so no lake, no ocean, no river etc)
  4. Are all your frames hanging at the same height?  Indeed, in your case it is essential – because having one on top of the other or one higher that the other would translate into having one of you in the couple being ‘above’ the other… so in other words: ‘controlling’
  5. Do you have equal access to both (each) side of your marital bed? If bed is stuck in a corner and only one is accessible then only one person in the couple has a say the other one not.

Feng Shui Yours,

Roseline Deleu
International Feng Shui Master, Author and Visionary

Feng Shui – Intuitive Predictions March 2017


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Download your A4 printable version 2017-march-predictions


You are who and where you are meant to be. Everyone encounters ups and downs, one doesn’t exist without the other. During this month of March, you follow the signs and omens that life is sending to you and you manage to see good points in every moment of your journey. Be at peace, all is aligned in divine order.

Love is smooth, soft, passionate and sensual. During this month of March you feel a physical attraction, a new or existing rekindled passion, in other words… very special loving moments. Enjoy!

Update the photos that are decorating your home, the background photo on your computer screen or on your mobile phone. If you feel stuck in your past, then it is even more urgent to update them!  March is the perfect time to reconsider what you wish to see and scan around you on a daily basis. New photos (taken maximum one year ago), new art works? May your new decor reflect who you are today or who you wish to become!

Stick to your budget and you will always have enough!

YOU – Berries
Healthy berries juices to start your day and your health will benefit immensely. N.B. – Please adapt this possibility to your personal medical conditions and diet.

HELP, HELPERS, TRAVELS Waiting rewarded
You have been waiting to travel, you have been waiting for help. This month you get it all and the wait was well worth it!

Like plants need TLC and water to grow, so do your children and projects, they all need attention! Check how you can do things differently, choose new avenues for the highest good of all and you will succeed.

This month again, Reiki strongly appears. Have you booked your Reiki session yet? Have you looked into learning this technique?

You deserve rewards and you may well be receiving them very soon. Being compliments or official awards, they all make your ego feel good. Remain humble and you will get many more.

March 2017 – Be at peace, all is aligned in divine order

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Disclaimer: These predictions are for FYI=For Your own Improvement only.
Take responsibility for your actions 🙂

Roseline Deleu
International Feng Shui Master, Visionary, Author & Inspirational Speaker