Feng Shui – Intuitive Predictions March 2018


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March 2018

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  1. LIFE PATH, CAREER – Intuition
    Taking care of our hair is also taking care of those antennas that support your intuition. The hair on our heads, on our body as well as our bones are known as being very powerful. During this month of March, purchase a good hair products, special body cream and look after your bones too.
  1. LOVE, RELATIONSHIPS – Stick Figures
    We seem on our guards of times we were hurt in past relationships. Attachment to some people or some emotions need to be worked on! A few weeks ago I discovered through YouTube, the work of Jacques Martel (Canada) with his very effective Little Stick Figures Technique that works amazingly fast! I have used this technique several times and I have had results of truly detaching of attachments within 24 hours!
  1. RESPECT, FAMILY, HEALTH, PAST – American Indian
    This month we have something to learn from the American Indian culture in regards to Respect  ❤ . When you are ready, you will get a sign that will encourage you to learn more. Be prepared. This awareness needs to grow!
    Income of money is speeding up in the next few weeks. I wonder where it will come for you..because it seems to be arriving  through your connections. Exciting!
  1. YOU – Love yourself
    Love yourself, that is all it matters this month. It is only when you put yourself in number 1, that you are caring for you… that you can care for others.
    “It is only one breath away!” a friend told me one day. Be transparent and follow your truth and you will open to other realms because you are getting purer. The photo that illustrates this month predictions is showing your transparency and suggests you to wear lemon yellow and lime green colours for support with this matter.
  1. IDEAS, CHILDREN & PROJECTS – Relationships
    Love and/or true friendship is in the air for your children and with your projects. That will bring other insights on life.
    Cigarettes are challenging your health or the health of your loved ones? You decide to go on a mission: either you participate to awareness workshops, learn techniques to give up smoking or understand when that cigarette is taken and lit… and replace or help others replace those automatic movements with another manual activity – especially wood work (renovating old furniture, creating sculptures etc).
    There is nothing else you can do than ‘go with the flow’ – something bigger than you has your destiny in their ‘hands’.

March 2018 – Destiny
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Disclaimer: These predictions are for FYI=For Your own Improvement only.
Take responsibility for your actions 🙂  

Roseline Deleu
International Feng Shui Master, Consultant, Author & Inspirational Speaker


The 7 Day Feng Shui Challenge – Day 2


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Now that your mailbox is shining and probably the cleanest one of your whole street, it is time to pass onto Challenge Day 2.

DAY 2 – Clean your Emails/Facebook and other multi media INBOXES

I kept this one for a Saturday because this may take ‘a while’.

Sorry to say, these days we also have another Mailbox… your INBOX(es) of your emails, your Facebook etc.

Yes, sorting the INBOXes of your email addresses, Facebook page(s) and other electronic accounts that you may have anywhere else online would be a lot of work for some of you!
Sit for an hour… or a few hours… sort emails/messages by categories or you may envisage to delete them when you are sure that you won’t need them anymore!

Do you still need to keep track of those old posts and old conversations on Facebook – are they important or can they be tossed!?

How long did it take you? How do you feel after this?

Roseline Deleu
International Feng Shui Master, Consultant & Author

The 7 Day Feng Shui Challenge – Day 1


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mailbox beforeMany of us would like a life change or simply are wanting to receive good news… you know, something that happens and that makes us feel ‘good’.

Today is the 1st day of my Feng Shui Challenge with you.

DAY 1 – Clean your Mailbox at HOME

Our mailbox outside our home or in the entry foyer of our building is the symbol of receiving news. I looked at like mine this morning, a bird had left his ‘track’, the dust was outside the mailbox and inside too!  😦  “Oops”– I thought – “How can I get something good happening in my life when my mailbox doesn’t look very welcoming at all!”mailbox after

So, I cleaned it, dusted it and added a note so I won’t get any junk mail anymore – I was meant to do this for a long time! ( Yes, I am normal  😀 )
It already does look and feel much better! Now, time to buy some shining product from the shop and make that number 42 shine.

Looking forward to hearing from you and seeing your before and after photos in reply to this post.

Roseline Deleu
International Feng Shui Master, Consultant & Author

Thank you to Pete, a subscriber from Alice Springs (Australia) who shared his photo of his day 1 with us – “Done and dusted or should I say… painted – day 1 🙂

Image may contain: outdoor

Deco Ideas for Ceilings


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ceiling covered with fabricI would like to give the opportunity to all my subscribers to email me photos of nice ceilings ideas that you could get inspired for you to do at home or at work. Email me to roseline @ fengshuisteps.com (without the spaces before and after the @) – thank you 🙂

We probably won’t be able to copy what was done on this high ceiling in a temple, nevertheless, it could give you some ideas !

Here a photo of a reader with a view of the ceiling about her massage table – thank you Josée!

ceiling look from massage table                                    idee plafond feng shui

and an idea of a bedroom where I recently stayed 🙂

Looking forward to receiving your ceilings ideas photos!

Roseline Deleu
International Feng Shui Master & Author

Buddha or no Buddha?


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During my latest trip to Asia in January 2018, I became aware that a Buddha decoration isn’t as appropriate as we thought!

Bouddha decoration.jpg

Many religious organisations put a lot of effort in their street signs and forbid trade of Buddhas to foreigners.

Bouddha tatoo.jpg

Buddhas heads as well as tattoos are wrong too and illegal.

Many Feng Shui books recommend the placement of Buddhas in specific areas because initially those books were aimed at Asian readers that were Buddhists!

Now that we are aware of this, I believe that it is to each one of us to make our decision and ask ourselves what the Buddha truly means for us… before using it as decoration.

Personally, I have no Buddhas as home (and never had) and ever since I have consulted and taught Feng Shui, I have always been encouraging people to use their personal Feng Shui Cures and adapt this ancient art of placement to their own culture and in respect of the energy of their Land.

Feng Shui Yours,

Roseline Deleu
International Feng Shui Master, Consultant, Author


Valentines Thoughts


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For many, Valentine’s day is not always ‘rose‘. Lots are still waiting to meet their soul mate and won’t probably get no message, no card, no flower today 😦

Cendrillon et son Prince.jpgTalking with a dear friend of mine yesterday, we reflected how much Walt Disney movies of our childhood had influenced us. For us girls, we loved the Prince charming stories… and many are still waiting to meet ours 😉
What struck us probably the most is the end sentence “… and they lived happily ever after.” – this thought was set in our hopes and dreams and probably is still be stuck somehow there today.  😀

I read her those few words on which I reflected recently:

“…the difference between marriage and ceremony – real marriage isn’t 2 people dashing across a bridge in rice and ribbons… it’s discovering after a lifetime that they have built the bridge together with their own hands.” – extract of Richard Bach’s book « Running from SafetyAn adventure of the Spirit »

My favourite ‘recent’ Walt Disney is Wall-E – yep, I even cry when I watch Pocahontas!

So, today, if LOVE & ROMANCE are not in your life, re-decorate your bedroom and add pink colour for Love and red colour for Passion.

Feng Shui Yours,

Roseline Deleu
International Feng Shui Master, Consultant & Author

Ceiling – Looking at the Stars?


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I recall when my son was little, I decorated its bedroom ceiling with some glow-in-the-dark stars. We all loved the idea! They were blue-tagged and sadly the blue-tag of that time made a mess when many years later I decided to remove them when moving out.

Today, it seems trendy to have that night sky feeling inside buildings. As you can see in those photos, the ceilings are painted in night sky blue or black and are decorated with many little lights. The effect is stunning as long as your ceiling is very high – this point is essential!!!

The Aston - Classic Constructions

Some trendy restaurants also decided to bring on dark ceilings – maybe we can’t see our food as well – but this gives a nice and cosy atmosphere in the place.

Black ceiling

From a Feng Shui perspective, having the sky above your heads creates the feeling of infinity, it opens up your mind and possibilities. Avoid having this decor on normal height ceilings please as this would deter the point and you would make the room feeling much smaller.

Feng Shui Yours,

Roseline Deleu
Feng Shui Master & Author

Forgotten Ceilings


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Do you miss the days when the ceilings were nicely decorated? I’d love to put this back into fashion 🙂

In Feng Shui, attics as well as ceilings symbolise what we think (in our head). Too much junk in attics or old objects reminding you of bad memories could be stored there too – all those negativity stagnates above your heads. Likewise, cracked ceilings or traces of water damaged (repaired or not) are not the best omens to live a sane and positive life.

gold ceiling

Looking at Asian temples and monuments, ceilings are often decorated with golden leaves. Imagine living with gold above our heads – how rich we would feel!

Nice lighting in our modern interiors can do the job though.

Ceiling apparent beams are lines that ‘cut’ the Chi above our heads, Asians decorate their beams to dissipate their negative effects.

idee plafond feng shuiAs illustrated (right) with this modern room, today’s decorators are keen to make rooms cosy and use tasteful draping even if there is no beam.

Today, look up, check your ceilings, clean up your lights, change the broken bulbs and think of washing or repainting your ceilings if necessary.

Roseline Deleu
International Feng Shui Master, Consultant, Author and Speaker


Feng Shui – Intuitive Predictions February 2018


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Download your printable A4 version  2018 February predictions

third eye

 1. LIFE PATH, CAREER – New Career
Perfect time to envisage a new career! Yes, you are brave and enthusiast and those two points help you to get out of your comfort zone, and move away from that job that you don’t really like for the moment – you step towards other horizons! Once your new path found, and the new contract signed, you will leave the job you didn’t like or… for some, you will combine both jobs!

Book cover front cover only - final versionN.B.Do you need a  little Feng Shui help?  Purchase Roseline’s book Feng Shui Steps for your Career and the 2 Feng Shui Enhancers Transformation” and “Career” and receive one enhancer for free. Order through http://fengshuisteps.com/books_products.html

    You apply the Mirror technique on a daily basis to happily progress very well with your relationships!

P.S. Mirror technique = what you don’t like seeing in the other is something similar that bothers you with yourself.

    Daily exercises for your 3rd eye and you will feel your intuition growing more and more each day!
  1. ABUNDANCE, WEALTH & MONEY – Thank you
    Be in gratitude for the money that come is more and more abundantly and this will continue! 🙂
  1. YOU – Infinity
    Meditate on my words: :“I am an infinite being, living infinite lives in infinite realities – now!”
    They were already with you last months… And here again they are for you: Angels, Spirits, Ancestors… or whatever your beliefs are. Remember to call upon them, honour them and thank them!
    Your ideas/children/projects grow more and more and new ideas are shaping up for the highest good of all.
    When you don’t seem to connect with the other realms, go near water (shower, near a lake, river, fountain, sea,…) because water is a good conductor. Remember to always protect yourself before connecting.
    You are proud and there is nothing wrong with that. You humbly show your qualities and they are very much appreciated. You are happy about this and others benefit from your knowledge and wisdom too.

February 2018 – Connecting

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Disclaimer: These predictions are for FYI=For Your own Improvement only.

Take responsibility for your actions 🙂

Roseline Deleu
International Feng Shui Master, Visionary, Author & Inspirational Speaker

Feng Shui – Intuitive Predictions January 2018


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janvier 2018

  1. LIFE PATH, CAREER – Angel still around
    That special ‘someone’ who was looking after you in December, who you may not see in this realm, while this being exists… is still looking after you this month! For some of you it is a guardian angel, for others it is one or more deceased ancestors. Keep connecting and talking with them, they are waiting to hear from you. This month their help is more specifically to guide you define your life. It is perfect timing to write your powerful wish list for 2018!
    Relaxing time. Connect with your higher self while drawing in the sand with your finger (index). Circles, drawings and more importantly words or songs that you add onto the design – all of that will help and add some kind of magic for your relationships.
  1. RESPECT, FAMILY, HEALTH, PAST – Eat differently
    Good resolutions to start the new year… Yes, we always hope to keep them – isn’t it?! In 2018 you choose to eat differently and you feel better – after all… a diet is as simple as your choice of changing your way of eating.
    You choose to be more elegant and this suits you very well !
  1. YOU – Flow
    Like a fish in the water, you go where the stream takes you.
    You eliminate a few ‘friends’ who in reality weren’t true Friends… now you have time to welcoming new ones ! 🙂
    Ideas/projects/children get unexpected success because they are unique and exceptional, therefore have been noticed. It’s fantastic!
    Sometimes feeling grumpy? To get out of that disturbing state, listen to the music that you love, draw or paint! The good effects will be noticeable.
    You are shining, nevertheless, you stay on your guards. That’s ok, be aware though that shining will always win against your worries.

January 2018 – Define your Life
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Disclaimer: These predictions are for FYI=For Your own Improvement only.
Take responsibility for your actions 🙂

Roseline Deleu
International Feng Shui Master, Author & Inspirational Speaker