About Feng Shui Steps and Roseline DELEU

Feng Shui Grand Master Roseline DeleuFeng Shui can be as complicated or as easy as you wish it to be! I have chosen to make Feng Shui Easy to the world to inspire people to move forward in their lives! That is my role as a Master and Grand Master ‘in becoming’. I rather use what my clients and students already own (instead of asking them to purchase Chinese items when they are not Asian themselves) – what is stored and hidden inside their cupboards is precious, is charged with good or bad memories and often become powerful enhancers once programmed intentionally. Feng Shui is the ancient art of placement – what you display in your interior has a subtle impact on your daily life, moods and self-confidence.

I encourage you to read my blog, comment and question me there too! It already counts over 300 posts… I’m sure that you will find guidance and inspiration. – Roseline Deleu –

Feng Shui Steps author Roseline Deleu has chosen to make Feng Shui EASY and UNDERSTANDABLE to the world. Feng Shui is about using common sense and tasteful decor you CAN change your life for the better and live in HARMONY.

With over 20 years of practice, Roseline brings easy Feng Shui to your door with articles, blogs, on-line courses, consultations.

Roseline Deleu has also developed 900 unique designs that she uses to give intuitive insights on emotional blockages, other people could call this a reading or psychic counseling. She bases her guidance on the Magic Square of Feng Shui and in no time you look into your strengths and understand how to overcome your weaknesses with Roseline’s suggestions, you are guided and supported and able to unravel your own personal and powerful solutions 🙂

5 thoughts on “About Feng Shui Steps and Roseline DELEU”

  1. Good start for this blog… I have kept my rythm of one post per day 🙂 and a variety ot topics too. Thank you to all of you who have commented, visited and encouraged me along the way.

  2. My Feng Shui blog is over two years old already, so many followers from over 135 countries!
    May you all find inspiration and happiness with the easy to read posts and suggestions.
    Many blessings, Roseline Deleu

  3. Hi Roseline – short notice but I thought you might like to submit some photos to the Thomas Cook photo comp. Ends tomorrow. http://sustainabilitysoapbox.com/2015/03/15/explore-the-elements-thomas-cook-photography-competition/

  4. Barbara Biddle said:

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