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Dear Roseline, How can I decorate my master bedroom inside the Feng Shui Magic Square? Shall I do this in relation to the main house plan/Feng Shui grid (magic square) or shall I only place the grid onto my bedroom? Areas will change as the two Magic Square (grids) overlap. How can I do to make this right? – Cheers, Alice (Perth)

Dear Alice,

The Feng Shui Magic Square – also referred as Feng Shui Grid or BaGua – can be placed on many levels as long as the placement always aligns the side ‘8-1-6’ with the entry – this is valid when we follow the Black Hat School of Feng Shui (not the Compass school).

Magic square in colour

You can thus place the Feng Shui Magic Square as follows:

Grid A – On your Block of Land
Chi Kou, which means the mouth of the Chi = relates to the entry of your block, it is where Chi (energy) enters. This is generally located at the widest entry point which most of the time corresponds to the driveway. Align the side ‘8-1-6’ of your Grid A with the driveway.
Grid A of your block of land will be the first one to check from the Feng Shui point of view. Look for any dead trees, where your bins are placed, where flowers are blooming – each and every details will have an influence on your life.

Grid B – On the plan of your apartment or house
Chi Kou is the entry door of your home/apartment as designed and defined by the architect and by your address. It is the door people would normally come and knock on when they don’t know you. I strongly encourage you to open that entry door at least once a day – especially for those of you who would use their back door which is not really good Feng Shui. Align the side ‘8-1-6’ of the Feng Shui Magic Square (Grid B) with your main entry door.
Grid B which gives you the opportunity to live and scan your Feng Shui inside. Place Grid B on one level of your house or apartment, for two levels, you will have another grid placement upstairs, at the top of your stairs which becomes your entry point upstairs.

Grid C- On each of your main Rooms
Yes, the Feng Shui grid can again be placed on each of your rooms, generally the main ones such as living room, rumpus, bedrooms. Always place the C-Grids aligning side ‘8-1-6’ with the entry of the room (if two entries, the widest or the most used is the one you’ll choose).
When placing C-Grids is when you strongly emphasise what you wish to manifest the most.

That means that all grids are on top of one another?!
Yes, indeed, they often have different entry door directions so they will easily overlap – to avoid confusion, simply stay focus on your each intent you have in mind while doing the adjustments for each grid and everything will be all right.

Intentions are your keys to success!

Please Note
One of my clients had enhanced her Romance sectors ‘2’ of her garden, home and of each rooms. She is a single mum with a young girl with special needs. She cannot imagine having a relationship with a man until her daughter is old enough to leave home one day… Nevertheless, she activated the energies in that part of all her grids! This lady does not socialise much at all and only goes out of home to school or for grocery shopping. During that time, she sees men smiling and sometimes talking to her. She never makes a step to keep in touch with them as she believes that a relationship for the next decade is impossible. – So, may I ask you… why activate Romance when you are not ready!? The grid offers 9 sectors to choose from and each opens doors to something new in life.

Roseline Deleu face photoFeng Shui always starts with common sense and logic. Activate energies and enhance your sectors only when you are ready to welcome its magic… because it can happen very fast!

Happy Feng Shui to you!

Roseline DELEU
Feng Shui Master & best-selling Author
New website : www.fengshuisteps.com.au