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Dear Roseline, Since moving the bed what I thought was a better fengshui position, less good came… I believed fengshui bed position would do so much good? Oh dear 😦 – A.N.

Dear Reader,

BedroomI very seldom suggest clients or readers about bed directions calculations, simply because people are then stuck onto one belief rather than doing their own experiences and be empowered to find out by themselves.

In your case, you probably calculated your direction based on another school of Feng Shui, following another master. Everything happens for a reason, this time, it was for you to get empowered and turn your bed around again.

I always suggest to everyone to test their directions for one week at the time (maximum), the results are shown usually within a couple of days. You monitor and write down what has happened during that week and when you had the best week, this is your best direction.

Yes, indeed, either you move your bed around your room or you simply move the orientation your bed without moving the furniture – which can be fun sometimes 🙂

Keep moving till you monitor your best direction and things will settle.

Best regards,

Roseline Deleu
International Feng Shui Master & Author