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I often receive emails from readers asking for Feng Shui tips. As an answer for them, I  write a post on this blog for all of you so you all learn.

Unfortunately, there are times where I cannot help, when things are too challenging and in this example below, you can read through the lines that this person is in a very difficult situation.
The best is to suggest her to see a professional counselor as an email or a post, in this case, will never replace professional guidance and I’m sure that you can read here that she needs it.

Email received early April 2017
“I needed to run from my mother as far as I could as well as from my sister. I am still at her house I entrenched in her misery about my life because I couldn’t bring myself to wash her away. I walked out this afternoon and but back in again, it is destroying me and my dog. I wish I had left. 
I cannot believe how awful a place  and people can make you feel or do destructive things to yourself. I thought going to stay with mother would be protective… I but I was totally wrong. I’ve lost all self confidence and am destructive in my thinking to myself, I can’t believe it.  In reality have I  known this deep down and therefore left years ago to a productive life. Unsure how to fix myself out of it. I left my life behind five months ago and nothing but misery and self doubt since coming here. – N.N.

A Feng Shui consultant does look at the psychology of the home but will never replace the help for the person that she will seek with a professional medical doctor, psychologist or psychiatrist.

Always follow common sense.

Roseline Deleu
International Feng Shui Master & Author