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Pursuing my walk in this Jakarta very Chic and State of the Art Commercial Furniture and Decoration Center (see previous post), I choose to show you an entry that is not welcoming at all  😦entree peut mieux faire

I went to this Center several times and sadly never saw any clients in this particular show room that offers beautifully designed and made furniture.

In fact, the entry to the shop sees 3 large shiny sets of black tiles surrounded by white pebbles. The combination itself is a good idea – the little white pebbles are quantities and are looking good around the black tiles (symbolizing the element of water that we need in an entry). The biggest problem is that the tiles are not placed in a Feng Shui friendly way. They are scattered and showing no stability towards the showroom entry itself.

If the Chi doesn’t feel welcome, nor will the clients.

What could the tiler have done? Instead than using large tiles, he may have chosen to curve the path and use tiny mosaïques tiles f.ex. black with maybe a touch of gold or silver and he could have possibly have a better effect.

A challenge would remain for this entry though, because the tiles that have been placed in the Commercial Center itself are slanted and (those on the left of this photo) and create a guillotine effect.

A good Feng Shui encourages curves, circles and avoids sharp angles and poison arrows in an entry.

Feng Shui is the Art of Placement and can be applied everywhere!

Roseline Deleu
International Feng Shui Master & Author