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I’m so excited about the results of what I’ve done, after reading and implementing your basic book “Your First Easy Steps to Feng Shui”, Roseline, that I want to share!

I read the book over and over and at the same time I started to make some changes around the house. First step was of course ‘de-cluttering’.

My lounge/dining are in areas 6,7 & 2 (according to my grid placement) were full of my children’s photograph & memorabilia since they were little… so I started taking them out including photos of my late husband, leaving just a few new ones of my children today, and put more photos of myself instead. I thought to myself: “Its about time that I dominate my life”. For so long, I felt that the kids (3) were dominating my life since they were growing up and they became over powering, especially my 2 young teen girls. Too much energy flowing around the house, arguments, disagreements, aggressiveness, etc. You know what is like when you have teenagers in the house, it’s mad most of the time. I’ve arranged the furniture in the lounge which is now a bit spacious and welcoming. In the kitchen, which is partly on area 9, I have 3 sets of knives on blocks which were out on display, so I put them in the cupboard. I also hung a Ba Gua mirror outside my front door, although it’s not directly facing the light pole in front of my driveway, I thought, too much bad energy was coming from there as well.

Surprisingly, if not coincidental, my life with the kids have changed a lot better since I’ve done these cures. My two girls attitude, especially the young one which has just turned 18 has mellowed down a lot. They are less aggressive, less quarrels or nothing at all, they are now sober, I should say and we can discuss matters without yelling or fighting! They are behaving like great adults. Less bad energy flowing here now I can admit!

I’m really happy that I’ve read the book and adopted the cures just on time for a real change. Thanks Roseline! – Ophelia

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