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After reading your book, Roseline, I decided to put Feng Shui into practice. I must admit that the result happened very fast. One of the first cures that I put into practise was my first collage – following the ‘recipe’ in your book!

In it, I put my little dream car in sector 4. My old car was stolen the day after X-Mas and its wreck found on 1st January. Oouch! I did not budget that expense. I visited a second hand dealer and chose a car. The day I went to sign the contract and take possession of the chosen one… my dream car was just driving in (for sale) at the price I intended to spend. I now drive my dream car!

In my love sector there are 2 pictures of a couple and the words ‘Is it really you?’ A few days later my first lover (of 30 years ago) contacted me out of the blue! He travels the world and we both share the same interests. We contact each other every day re-discovering each other after so long.

I am looking forward to my next Feng Shui adventures. Josiane – New Caledonia

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