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Often the kind of crystal you had in mind is not the one you end up choosing. What made you change your mind? What took control of your choice? Every crystal has its own individual energy. Allow your intuition to guide you!

Crystals are capable of communicating, receiving, storing, transmitting and reflecting light energy. Through the energy of your auras you are able to interact with them. Place a crystal in a room and receive some of its energy each time you enter the space.

As the room is filled with subtle energy vibrations, crystal vibrations also mingle with these and change the atmosphere in the room. An amethyst cluster (small crystals together on a base) will bring harmony in the room and purify the vibrations.

Due to interaction processes, your crystals will become in tune with you – so it is important to clear a new crystal to release its previous connection and leave it free to become truly “yours”. Cleanse them regularly at least once a month in the full moon.  Daily or weekly crystal clearings can be done by washing them under running water and placing them on the earth for a few hours or by visualizing white light flowing through them to cleanse them. All depends how much and why you use them.

Once you have cleansed your crystals, carry one at the time around for a while so it can become attuned to you and you can ask it to help you in whatever specific way you wish to use it. This is called interacting with it.

Feng Shui encourages the use of some crystals inside your home. I highly recommend to use one type or even one crystal only at one time to get better results. Crystals are alive and have moods too – would you be always happy to be sitting next to the same person? Well… the crystal too likes to get your attention without having to share it with others. After all… your crystal chose you!

Care for your crystal and it will soon become your best friend!

Further reading “Your Easy Steps to Feng Shui” by Roseline Deleu  this easy to read and follw book exists in English, French, Hungarian, Slovak and Spanish click here to order your copy http://www.fengshuisteps.com/books_products.html