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There are days that you wonder why things do not go the way YOU want! Then it is time to listen and look for signs…

What is the universe, your guardian angel or your special guide telling you? Is this just a bad day? No, it is time to ‘tune in’ and look at the positive aspects!

It is sometimes hard to believe that discovering a flat tyre could be a good news… Especially when you are already late for work! Well, yes, when a few hours later you hear on the radio that you would have been in that chain accident that happened this morning on your usual way to work exactly at the time that you would have been there! – Then it is time to say thank you !

Create a small altar in the sector 8 of the Magic Square Grid of your house or room or why not… in your walk-in wardrobe—so no-one can see it. Decorate it with taste and offer a donation whenever you feel the need.

This area (8) relates to the ‘Spirituality’ area of your life.  It can also be called ‘Contemplation’. This sector is not necessarily about organised religion or beliefs but relates more to our sense of sacred and spiritual in life, often felt most strongly in the solitude of a mountain or cave where we can tune into ourselves.

Feng Shui encompasses more than changing Chi flow and having your furniture on the correct position in each room. Students realise more and more the importance of rituals in life as they grow with my Feng Shui theachings and their life experiences.

A ritual does not have to take a lot of your time. It can be as short as safely talking aloud one positive and motivating pray or sentence. You can also pick up one card of your favourite tarot deck or angel card to see what today’s lesson will be.

Open yourself to receive what the universe has got ready for your and enjoy life at its best!

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