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I recently read this article from Alanna Moore that I met and have known for probably two decades now (doesn’t time fly!). I though I’d share it with you as well as her upcoming workshops dates in Australia (Alanna now lives in Ireland).
Enjoy your reading – Best regards, Roseline DELEU

Threats to Sacred Sites   by Alanna Moore.

Harm has been done to many of Ireland’s sacred monuments. Not just victim to vandals or stone stealers, it often results from archaeological work done on them! Or, in many cases across the land, in a wave of religious fervour around 1950, crosses and concrete statues were erected willy-nilly over on top of ancient sites! Talk about sacrilege!

Not to mention the modern phone masts puncturing the sacred hilltops in more recent times, such as my local one, in the photo. This was taken at the summit of Sheemore, the great fairy mountain of Co. Leitrim, that seems to have been a Bronze Age citadel.

It reminds me of a conversation with a Korean student recently. She described how, when the Japanese invaded Korea they went around and systematically punctured the ground at the sacred sites with big Earth acupuncture stakes, that were left in the ground to destroy the atmosphere, poison the feng shui. A sort of psycho-spiritual terrorism. That’s similar to the effect of the communication masts in the landscape, they are emasculating the soul of the land, amongst other things. (I’m able to speak of this as someone that has never owned a mobile phone, nor do I ever wish to have one!)

I wrote in my book Divining Earth Spirit about winning a battle in 2004 against a huge phone tower that was going to be put up on top of an iconic, sacred mountain in Victoria, Australia – Mt Franklin. National telco. Telstra was knocked back in court on account of the registered historical heritage of the site, as it is an Aboriginal initiation ground. (When you drive into Mt Franklin’s volcanic crater you will sense why it was considered special.) Several other similar Aussie battles have been won since, because they were able to cite the precedent of our rare win.

So if a nasty communications tower threatens a sacred hill or mountain near you,  which is a lot of places these days, I suggest you find out its heritage status as a possible means of protecting it. Or be pro-active and insist that it gets one, where-ever this may be appropriate, to prevent toxic irradiation of the site in future. The fairies and guardian spirits of these places can’t protect the land alone. Not without our help!

Extracted from Geomantica magazine no 68, August 2017, at www.geomantica.com

See the full magazine HERE.

Alanna Moore returns to Australia after moving to Ireland two years ago. She will be running several workshops in NSW, Victoria and South Australia from November to December 2017.

Deniliquin NSW
2017 Nov. 3rd – 5th
Backyard Geomancy – Garden Dowsing and Power Towers with Alanna Moore
Bookings – Suzy – troppix@mac.com

Willunga SA
2017 Fri 10th Nov. evening and Sat 11th afternoon
Backyard Geomancy – Garden Dowsing and Power Towers with Alanna Moore
Bookings – Andries, aj@andriesjohannesen.com

Warburton Vic
2017 Nov 25th – 26th
Backyard Geomancy – Garden Dowsing and Power Towers with Alanna Moore
Bookings – Ralph –  [goog_162408974]ralphballard@optusnet.com.au

Maldon, Vic
2017 Sat. Dec. 3rd
Backyard Geomancy – Garden Dowsing and Power Towers with Alanna Moore
Bookings – Rosalind  –  [goog_162408973]rosandalbert@gmail.com