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Magic square in colourHello Roseline, I hope this email finds you well. We have put a water feature into area 3 with big blue pots and blue and white flowers. I have 2 plastic gold pots with fake plants at the top of the feature and know by rights these should be real flowers not plastic. Can you advise please what type of plants or at least colour I should replace these plastic ones with please. Also we were thinking about putting a cascading plant that would hang done above the Buddha’s head but I don’t if that would be ok or not? I know this is not the money area but I really need to stimulate our money areas so that things get better in that regard. Its been a real struggle and problem the last 12 – 18 months financially. – X.D. Darwin (Australia)Dear X.D.  Thank you for your question!

I would suggest a couple of options:
Option 1 – Purchase a light fabric Safran colour and run it from top of buddha’s head (on top of the bricks) till bottom of the sitting area, letting it flow to cover the 3rd level of bricks under the Buddha (below) so it covers the electric wire too. This will bring a lovely colour AND the effect of wind that you need.
Option 2 – Plant cascading down AND plant cascading UPWARDS (departing under the floor where the lilly is for the moment – can you do this?

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