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Dear Roseline,

Sorry to say but the relationship with my husband is rather challenging. He is impatient with our 3 y.o. son who is very stubborn (like his dad and myself) so as a matter of fact our couple is suffering. I can’t seem to speak kindly, feeling too tense; on top of that, my husband wants to control me (and everything) non-stop and does nothing.
Would you have some Feng Shui tips for us all? For the moment the rivalry between our son and his dad has the child clinging to me constantly.
Thank you so much – A.X.


It is essential to have all frames at the same level – BUT here above, the example translates into two couples divorcing: a woman looks away, the man on the right too, while the couple in the middle are looking at each other – the middle couple are the two lovers who are together now!

Dear A.X.,

A few suggestions as I don’t have many of your personal details:

  1. I hope that your 3 y.o. sleeps in his bedroom and not in your marital bed
  2. Place a photo of the 3 of you on his bedside table at your child’s eyes height
  3. Display a recent happy and smiling photo of your couple somewhere in your apartment and/or in your master bedroom (photo without the element of water – so no lake, no ocean, no river etc)
  4. Are all your frames hanging at the same height?  Indeed, in your case it is essential – because having one on top of the other or one higher that the other would translate into having one of you in the couple being ‘above’ the other… so in other words: ‘controlling’
  5. Do you have equal access to both (each) side of your marital bed? If bed is stuck in a corner and only one is accessible then only one person in the couple has a say the other one not.

Feng Shui Yours,

Roseline Deleu
International Feng Shui Master, Author and Visionary