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This example of pink bedroom for a girl has been taken in a furniture shop. It inspired me to write you this little post with a few warnings as the little girl who would live there could well be too independent too soon!

  1. Firstly, avoid double beds until late teenager years! A child would feel lost in a large bed like this and could feel the need to become too independent too young feeling heavy responsibilities in life – leading then to potential lost of self-confidence.
  2. A single bed would ideally be placed in a corner, so the child will have the support from both walls.
  3. The frames illustrated in this photo show a single girl playing on her own. Does your child feel lonely? Not very social? Instead decorate with photos of smiling and happy children.
  4. The corner of the draws is a poison arrow that is sending uncomfortable Sha Chi energy to the sleeper (who actually will always sleep poorly in those conditions).
  5. Decor on top of the draws are much too adult and too heavy for a girl’s bedroom and would only collect dust.

Top Feng Shui tip – when decorating your child’s bedroom, bend your knees and look from your child’s eyes height to feel how the decor could affect your little one.

Enjoy your Feng Shui experiences! 🙂

Roseline Deleu
International Feng Shui Master, Author & Visionary