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The apartment or house numbers ‘7’‘3’ , ‘8’ and ‘9’ have been posted recently and you can either click on blue highlighted links or scroll under this post. Today let’s have a look at the number ‘2’.

The numbers of our houses or apartments are believed to influence our lives at least to a certain extend.


Illustration of this article shows a house number  ’884’ which when we add  8+8+4 = 20 -> 2+0 = 2. The 884 number also resonates with numbers 8 and 4 that will be important to read in my previous and next posts.

This house number is nicely decorated with birds and two of them look in the same direction which is very auspicious for the couple living in that house. The reader who sent me this photo told me that the birds are giving her good news – what an amazing intent! Well done !

Of course there is much more than a simple number to influence your life!

Two is an balanced number in Feng Shui and symbolizes duality, relationships, marriage, couple, partnerships. Living in an ‘2’ house, to a several digits number adding to ‘2’ or a house number containing ‘2’ in the digits, has a positive influence on the growth and insights of the relationships of its inhabitants.

Buying or living in a ‘2’ house could well be THE place where you (finally) meet someone special, rekindle your relationship or simply find your inner balance between your feminine and masculine sides.

For some of you, living in a ‘2’ is an excellent home for 2 people who are going to share space as roommates, lovers or as wife and husband. You will be tuned into the energies and feelings of the others with whom you share your home. Living in a 2 home you will have a strong desire for peace and harmony through diplomacy. You will often find yourself standing back and tuning into situations rather than advancing your point of view. You will find that you can fully and lovingly understand the perspectives of others. In a ‘2 ‘ home you will begin to develop a sensitivity to subtle energies of nature and music and even the auric fields of others. Perfect home to explore and develop your psychic and intuitive abilities. Excellent home for a marriage or partnership to grow.

All this and more can happen as long as your sector ‘2’ in your garden and inside your home – of course – carry the energies of the Earth element!

May this articles inspire you towards positive outcomes in your lives.

Feng Shui Yours,

Roseline Deleu
International Feng Shui Master & Author