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The house numbers ‘3’ and ‘8’ have been posted last week. Today let’s have a look at the number ‘9’. House numbers are believed to influence our lives to a certain extend.

Illustration of this article show a house number  ’27’ which when we add  2+7 = 9. It also resonates with both number 2 and 7 number that will be important to read in my next posts.

Of course there is much more than a simple number to influence your life!

Nine is an auspicious number in Feng Shui and symbolizes completion, recognition, acknowledgement, fame and emotional well-being.

Living in an ‘9’ house, to a several digits number adding to ‘9’ or a house number containing ‘9’ in the digits, has a positive influence on its inhabitants.

Buying or living in a ‘9’ house could well be the place where you reach your full potential, get that promotion, start and finish all the projects that you always dreamed of. All this and more can happen as long as your sector ‘9’ in your garden and inside your home – of course – carry the energies of the Fire element!

Emotional health is so important in our lives, living with a positive and constructive attitude can lead you to wonderful life experiences.  🙂

Living in a ‘9’ house will help all inhabitants review where they are in their lives today and re-evaluate on a regular basis. They then grow towards a emotionally balanced and strong being and a happy family.


I really like this entrance from a Feng Shui point of view, lots of positive points:

  • Path leading to the house is equal width than the entry door
  • Rectangular stones are strong and wide (rather than having chosen the tiny square ones)
  • River pebbles (Metal element) give the idea of a ‘river’ so the flow going to the house
  • Beautiful, neat and clean door smiles and welcomes you

What would I suggest?

  • I’d probably change the two wooden poles holding the mailbox. One taller than the other may give the idea that one person in the couple may feel not equal to the other. The two pieces also lean on each other.
  • I’d add a circular ornament in the middle of the 4 windows on the left wall. For example, I ‘d see an empty circle made of moss, the green colour will uplift this white wall and balance with the round pot with green plant on the right hand side of the entry door. If you don’t like the moss idea, any other circular feature on that wall would be good.

This beautiful recently built home was designed by Australia based Architect CAROLINA REYES incorporating Feng Shui principles📞0425741606 www.carolina-reyes.com

May the Feng Shui posts of this blog help you with your Feng Shui experiences.
Feng Shui Yours,

Roseline Deleu
International Feng Shui Master & Author