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In my last post, I mentioned a few insights on number ‘8’ houses. Today, let’s have a look at the number ‘3’. House numbers are believed to be influencing our lives. Illustrations of this article show a house number 93 which when we add 9+3 = 12 -> 1+2 =3.

Of course there is much more than a simple number to influence your life!

Three is an auspicious number in Feng Shui and symbolizes the past, respect, health and family.
Thus, it looks like living in an ‘3’ house, to a several digits number adding to ‘3’ or a house number containing ‘3’ in the digits, has a positive influence on its inhabitants. Buying or living in a ‘3’ house is known as being a place where inhabitants will be solving things from the past, family or/and health.

People say that most of the health challenges come from emotional imbalance – thus, the way that you managed your emotions in the past during challenging events. Living in a ‘3’ house will help you review it all and encourage you to reconsider a few points within your today understanding.

When realising that in any case, it is no-body else’s fault and that blaming is way out of fashion – you will make steps towards wisdom, personal researches and new choices that will take you to the path of perfect health, appreciating your past and family they way they are rather that the way you’d like them to be. In a ‘3’ house, you start respecting yourself and take responsibility for your actions.

The way to perfect health is following doctor’s orders and combining them with good food, sport, positive attitude + with a good Feng Shui House Entry as well as the correct position of your bed.

The example of this ’93’ house is actually all what you’d like to avoid as this entry and home design is only leading struggle to the inhabitants!    😦  Let’s see what you should avoid!


This ‘3’, home illustrated here will never give good results as a ‘3’ could do! – WHY?
Well, start looking from the front door… Stand in the entry and look out – what do you see?

  • a path ‘cut’ on an angle instead of a solid and curved that should be best to lead to the front door
  • the statue on the floor next to the door seems representing a stressed person with arms and legs crossed
  • when looking out, we see the slope going down to the garage, so Chi goes first down… how can it reach the entry door?
  • front door glass panels are showing down and right again towards the garage slope
  • this house is located in a cul-de-sac where there is no exit for the Chi -> unfortunately all inhabitants of the cul-de-sac will be worrying and res-sassing their same old thoughts and same old ideas all the time
  • windows are all different dimensions (no harmony) which could symbolise each time another outlook on life and perhaps a lot of mind changing
  • why designing a narrow balcony where no-one will ever go above the garage to breathe the exhaust fumes? This unused balcony costs a lot of money and doesn’t add anything to the house.

Ideally, BEFORE building, call a reputable Feng Shui consultant who has experienced many building designs. Is it is a worth while investment, as you will be living in your new home for many years to come.

If the house is already built, it is never too late… as I have experienced so many suggestions for you to live better. Which means that investing in a Feng Shui consultation could well be a life changing experience!    🙂  ->  Good news!

I consult and I train Feng Shui Practitioners world wide. I run individual classes that are real Journeys with your Master. I’d love to count you among my practitioners in your country. Contact me and let’s organise this soon together.

Feng Shui Yours,

Roseline Deleu
International Feng Shui Master & Author