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“One day, that’s for sure!” she told me smiling while promising again to come one day to Australia… “Yes, Roseline, I’ll come and see you.”

I have been living close to 20 years Down Under and so many people still repeat me the same old promise quickly adding : “Yes, but… Australia is so far away.”

I always smile when I hear them saying “Yes, but…” because the “but” immediately cancels the “yes” and… their sentence actually means “no, I’m scared” – or – “no, I can’t afford” – or… any other excuse   🙂

I simply reply: “Of course, it’s far away, but I travel a lot, it’s because airlines and good planes exist! I believe that the Universe has lots of possibilities in stock for each of us – this applies to you too!”   😀

When you find excuses, it is because, deep inside yourself, you don’t really want it enough. Whether it is to fly to Australia or any other wish!

Life is too short and I enjoy it as much as I can  🙂

How can Feng Shui help you manifesting your wishes when you are ready?
a) For your travels, display a map of the world and/or photos of your dream destinations in your sector ‘6’.

Roseline Deleu Ulurub) To enroll in a Feng Shui course with me in Australia or in your country, display my photo in your sector ‘8’ and of course contact me for your brochure and enrollment form too.

Beware, results can appear very fast, so you better be ready!

See you soon   🙂

Roseline Deleu
Feng Shui Master