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I had a peek inside a class room while the school was closed for school holidays. I was not surprised to see no desk nor benches as this can be very common in any of the village schools in the Pacific Islands – but – I was disappointed seeing the placement of some of the little education materials!

classroom pacific islands

As you see on the photo, three posters are displayed under the black board. This is perfect height for little kids till the age of 7 approximately. It is at the level of their eyesight or lower and they are often on the floor level.

Sadly, the orange A4 papers with the drawings and spelled words of their representations are hanging on one of the ceiling beams or too high on the walls. Kids are little people and when they sit on the ground to listen to the class room they are very unlikely to lift their heads up that high, it is uncomfortable and hurts their necks to read what’s on the beams!

Would they be lying on the floor, then it’d be good to display all those on the ceiling itself!

The main classroom blackboard should be placed no higher than at 50 centimeters off the floor. Here it is much too high and we can see that kids need chairs to be able to write on it or clean it!

This is an unnecessary hazard on many physical and emotional levels !

Maybe some kids feel shy to climb on the chairs, could feel awkward or even dizzy – all this and more could easily lead to totally disgust them from very early age to go to school and learning. The consequences of this could quickly and potentially bring unhappiness in their lives too.

The Art of Placement starts from common sense. Making education reachable is essential for the growth of your country.
Please look from kids heights when you decide of the layout and decor of your classrooms. When it is too high, it is always overpowering!

Please, also avoid putting papers and posters too close from open windows where the rain falls could damage them.

Thank you for your attention – by reassessing your classrooms now, you may well be changing many lives today! ❤

Roseline Deleu
International Feng Shui Master & Author