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During my last visit to Belgium, I came across an interesting legend about a Turning Stone. Located near Court Ste Etienne (Brabant Wallon, about 30 minutes drive South of Brussels) the legend related that the stone used to turn when the church nearby rang midnight – which doesn’t anymore these days.

From the info that I found afterwards on internet, I noticed that this stone was not on its initial position anymore and it had been moved by the council from a fair distance in 1971 – for no apparent reason. Councils do this, taking for granted they can move rocks, build roads, change rivers etc – without asking permission to the Divas (energy Beings) of the area.

Approaching the stone, I firstly observed its texture to realise that it was fairly different from the ‘usual’ rocks and geology of the area. I could see many little holes all over this one and it seemed to invite me to connect.

I protected myself, removed my shoes and very politely sat on it, putting my hands next to my hips. Soon, I channelled its happiness, good to be noticed as it had not seen anyone coming from the other side of the planet for a while (indeed, I live in Australia; Belgium is over 15,000 kilometres away).

It told me it came from space and was part of a comet from which many parts landed on Earth a long time ago. There was life on its initial planet; I got a vision of little grey metallic looking beings. I thanked it and felt great of my experience. It seemed happy too. We then detached.

I took a few closer pictures as it allowed me to share with some of you who are interested, the ‘faces’ that are hidden in its texture. What can you see?

Did I connect with the Soul of the Stone, or with the Diva nearby? Who knows! We both felt great, that’s the most important.

Connect with RESPECT, something is talking to you! For those of you living in urban heavy density areas, connect with NATURE regularly.

Ask permission to bring a rock along to your home to enhance your place. Thank it. Then, one day, bring it back to where it wants to go or where you found it initially.

Roseline Deleu, international Feng Shui Master and Metaphysical Teacher http://www.fengshuisteps.com/roseline.html