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It happened at the time when I was feeling a bit lonely and thought that having a bit of romance would make me feel better. Adding a lover to my life with whom I’d share fun and affection. What a dream…

I then decided to have a shower which always gives me plenty of energy! Running water flashing my sad thoughts away …. brrr
Still with my towel around me, I grabbed from my shelf a book written by Roseline Deleu called “Your First Easy Steps to Feng Shui”. I had met Roseline a few years ago and since I had some really positive experiences  through her way of living Feng Shui.

1. Roseline had already influenced the flow of my life a few years before by firmly telling me to buy a gong. Simply hanging my gong and ’gonging’ it daily with the intent of welcoming a solution for my visa had had such a fast effect (9days) that I am still amazed today how unexpectedly I got my sponsorship and am today a permanent resident in Australia.

2. I did not like the place where I lived and could not feel comfortable. At the time, I was considering moving when Roseline came along and moved the furniture and changed the frames around. A real make- over… I’m still living here today and enjoying it very much: 2.5 year after her “revitalising moves”!

So, to come back to my story… I knew that with her book and her described techniques I could attract wonders!

I followed her instructions and started de-cluttering and cleaning the place and more specifically in my “the relationship area”. I added some colours and crystals as instructed.

Roseline also mentions to have a picture of me with taken with someone in really happy time… well I only have a picture of me alone which is just what I should avoid… OK; lets get constructive. I took the beautiful picture of me and I looked to find something that would represent my desired lover to come in this picture.

When I came to Australia I didn’t bring much along with me but I have brought a little figurine of Peter Pan that I love so much! So I thought: this is exactly the kind of man I want to meet: a man that takes me in a dream, a man who is not present all the time, a man who has kept his happy inner child very alive!

I always had Peter Pan postured as the calling one (see picture) and I always had a Tinkerbelle with me too, but I had placed her under the sink pretending that Peter Pan was calling her from the mirror over the sink! So far away, they could never meet!
So, I decided to move Peter Pan and put it on the board of my picture as if he would be talking to my hear. I did a bit more cleaning in shelves and then I relaxed into my sofa. Sitting there… I started doubting and decided totally out of the blue to go out and meet some friends working at the beach. Great idea. As soon I got out of the sofa all my positive readiness covered me! Those friends invited me to come along with them as they where going to have a drink with one of their friends… OK, I am ready! This friend… became my Peter Pan in this world! so between the Feng Shui action and my encounter with Peter Pan something like ONLY 7 hours went past!

Later on we realised that we where had been working 50 meter away from each other for the past 6 months! (My Peter Pan and Tinkerbelle had been on the mirror and under the sink for 6 months!!!! Peter Pan arrived at the same time ! How coincidently amazing, isn’t it?)

WATCH OUT: you really need to be careful what you ask for!

I asked for Peter Pan: and so Peter Pan “opened a window” showed me the Dreamland and then moved away…2 days after we met! As in the story he invited me to fly and visit him a few times… It took 2 years till we finally got a bit closer… Today, we live only 70 km away from each other. We have fun and lots of laughter.

Feng Shui is amazing, Roseline is a fantastic teacher… I have learned so much with her as to be living in the now so many similarities with Eckkhart Tolle, Robett Sardello and many others. “Detox” what you don’t use and don’t like to keep only what makes you happy.

I hope my story will inspire many. Having Roseline Deleu crossing my path has literally changed my life!

Enjoy life & Roseline!  – Clo FNQ, Australia

Roseline Deleu, international Feng Shui Master, Author & Speaker http://www.fengshuisteps.com/roseline.html