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I had chosen progressive corrective glasses that darken with the sun, the lightest frame possible, in other words – the best!

It took me about 3 weeks to get used to them – looking up is distant view, looking down is for reading. After a few months I found that my brain was functioning differently, less sharp, forgetting things, until I wondered if those glasses were part of the cause?

A few days ago, they were bothering me, sitting there constantly on my nose – so I decided I was going to take them off more often and only use them when reading and when I really needed them. My sight was blurry at first… then it came better.

Today, I was teaching outdoors and was taking my glasses off as many times as I could. After an hour, I realised that they were not in my bag… where did I leave them? I vaguely recalled that I had put them on my lap while sitting in the grass. After the class, I went back to all the places that we visited – I might have left them where I sat?

I must admit though, that deep inside me, I was at peace !

Together with a student, we thoroughly looked in the grass, nowhere were they to be seen. I accompanied her back to her car while explaining that there must be a message in there for me. I was not worried nor annoyed even though I paid AU$1,200 for them. I was instead wondering what that message was?

As I walked away from crossing the roundabout, I suddenly spotted about 100 nails on the road. How dangerous – I thought! I bent down and picked them all up, with in my mind that interesting thought that I was saving lives. At the same time, I was happy that I had spotted them without my glasses!

I got up and walked to the park, I was thinking of my glasses and said in my mind: “Oh, I am going to miss you, you were light and elegant, I need you to read what is on my emails. I also promised my eyes to do some exercises in order to get a better sight.”

Back on that first area where I sat, I decided to step back and look from a few steps away. There they were, waiting for me on a piece of concrete, not in the grass!

I was so happy to reconnect with them and I promised to appreciate them more often… To be a bit more in gratitude!

The lesson for me: I understood that my unconscious was actually doing what I wanted… losing my glasses. Then when I was at peace with the idea of wearing them, I found them again.

My tips for you:
–          definitely don’t panic when you lose something because you then lose your ability to stay calm and tune into you.
–          look at situations (and for missing objects) from a distance, you will have a better overview!

Outlooks on life take on a brand new perspective!

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