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Dear Roseline, Someone told me that on the full moon, I should place rock salt in a bowl and place it  inside my front door on the floor, I am not sure if this is Feng Shui, have you heard of this, Roseline? Thanks, Deidre

Dear Deidre, There are so many rituals that can be Feng Shui related! What you are suggesting here with the full moon is absolutely logic and a great way to welcome new and pure opportunities in your life!

The full moon is purifying, the rock salt too… putting all this in- or outside side your front door is a very good idea to refresh the consciousness of what enters your home. Good and purified energy will evidently attract new opportunities and good luck!

Good idea, I’ll do this upcoming full moon myself too.

Roseline Deleu, international Feng Shui Master & Author http://www.fengshuisteps.com/roseline.html