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These days, Feng Shui became a ‘trend’, a ‘fashion’. Let’s take a look to understand how Feng Shui all started…
Like in all countries worldwide, many centuries ago, ancient Chinese were well aware of Feng (Wind) Shui (Water). They built their huts safely away from the various natural dangers and potential disasters. Tucked away from the wind, their homes were warmer; located near a water stream for their daily use but not too close to the river as the heavy rains would wash away their homes in no time.

Lately, worldwide and more specifically in Australia, we went through many weather challenges. Floods in Queensland, fires in Western Australia and Yasi, the category 5 cyclone in the Tropical North.

When I wrote this article, the 8.9 earthquake hit Japan and Tsunami waves were raging.

What does Mother Nature tell us?

The message is simple: use your common sense first!

  • Avoid buying a block of land or a home located in the flood areas – these days it is easy to check this updated information through Google search.
  • Clear regularly the dead wood around your garden – in case of fire they would only contribute to bigger flames.
  • Have a closer look at your belongings – do you really need all that you “have”?

If you only had 20 minutes to quit your place and save your life, what would you take with you?

Look around your home and think of minimising or de-cluttering your material possessions to those that you just NEED and ENJOY. After all, in life, what matters are the emotions!
Material possessions are only important for the joy they give us.

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