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When I listened to Roseline’s enthusiastic lecture on “Feng Shui for Love” last month, I could not wait to implement some of her suggestions. I bought her book and read it the same evening. The week-end was the perfect time to change things around the house and two days later… I started getting results.

I have always been wishing to meet a man and wrote 7 years ago 5 qualities I would like to find in him. Since, I had not been very lucky and met some who had only one or two. After my Feng Shui adjustments, a male colleague invited me for dinner and guess what ! He has the 5 qualities that are important to me. It was a simple and nice dinner, no romance yet (future will tell) but I am so wrapped of the Feng Shui Magic that I can only encourage people to apply Roseline Deleu’s tips too.

That is not all… I was not feeling too confident at work and was not coping very well. I adjusted my ‘1’ and ‘9’ sectors of the house and instead of being the next one on the list for being made redundant, I now feel that I know what I am doing and am getting daily compliments, recognition and acknowledgements.


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