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Have you ever thought of looking inside your lingerie draws with Feng Shui eyes?

As we all know, the first and essential Feng Shui key is the “de-cluttering” process! Oh, yes, we constantly think of what we scan daily in our surroundings, the décor and books lying around – but there is more!

Today it is time to check your lingerie, those intimate pieces of clothes that you wear so close to your body. They can make us feel good and comfortable, even sexy. On the other hand, when we decide to put that old comfy bra with curled and worn out bra straps, we immediately feel older and daggy. Why do we hang onto those ‘tired’ underwear? We wonder don’t we? We actually deserve to be elegant and feel good on a daily basis.

Let’s get into those draws and get rid of the daggy underwear that we no longer want to wear nor being seen in!


Would you still keep old lingerie that reminds you of (a) past relationship(s)? How do you feel wearing it with a new partner? Maybe it is time to let go of those memories and toss the underwear linked with them at the same time.

Size changes

Only keep lingerie that is still your size today. You were a size 12 B ten years ago and have been challenged with your hormones lately… now you fit comfortably a size 14 D… why keep the 12B that doesn’t fit anymore? Every body is a beautiful body. Accept, show, present your curves today with lovely lingerie that fits your taste today. Accept the new size of your body.

Out with the Old and in with the New

For those who are single, sorting their lingerie will often see a new Love appearing. Purchase a red robe, babydoll or bra set for passion. Choose pink for Love. Blue will help with communication.

Women love shopping and definitely will enjoy receiving this Feng Shui encouragement that will lead them to progress in their well-being and self confidence!

http://fengshuisteps.com/roseline.html Roseline Deleu, International Feng Shui Master, Author, Spiritual Counselor, Visionary and Inspirational Speaker

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