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Feng Shui et les poubellesFeng Shui is more than a 3 legged frog in a corner!!!
Feng Shui is firstly about Harmony of our planet!

I am for the moment pursuing my Feng Shui researches in the Red Centre of Australia about 1,000 kilometres from Uluru where I visit many remote communities. I always pay respect to our Traditional Custodians and I am fascinated by their 60,000 years old culture.

I make time to walk (avoiding the best I can all the camp dogs) and pay visit to local cemeteries and land fill (Dump). Yes, those two location reveal a lot about people’s stories and how they live.

Here, like everywhere on our planet, it is sad to see the amount of rubbish that the ‘modern’ society discard… and in communities, there is so much LESS rubbish than in cities!
Rubbish?! They didn’t have any for 60,000 years! Before white man’s colonialism 200 years ago, Australian Aborigines recycled everything. They lived from the land, their food was abundant and they ate according to seasons – not like today where we can buy strawberries all year around!

dechets inutilesToday, the government still tries to make them fit in a white society/Colonialism took over; 200 years ago White thought they knew better (and many of them sadly still do think that way today)!
Is British invasion totally irreversible?

Today, more than ever, I only purchase what I truly need. I have enough to pollute!

Today, you too, make a step. Respect our planet instead of filling the rubbish.

How many bins do you fill weekly? Monthly? Yearly?

My 2 favourite movies on this topics are:
Wall-E from Walt Disney,
HOME a film from a French producer showing astounding pictures of our planet

During your next visit to the shops, ask yourself “Do I really need this?”

Roseline Deleu UluruThink Feng Shui! 🙂
Think Respect

Roseline Deleu
International Feng Shui Master & Author