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A few days ago I published the Part 1 of this article, I gave you all the GOOD tips for the Master Bedroom. This post is looking into all what we should AVOID…

A few Feng Shui NO NO’s for the Master Bedroom

– Do NOT place any symbol of the Water element in the master bedroom… NO aquariums, NO waterbed, NO picture, photo or painting of water they could bring a lack of stability in your couple
– NO pictures of your children. The bedroom is your room as a couple, you are already ‘mum & dad’ in all the other rooms of the house!
– NO books, NO magazines in your bedroom. Reading best happens in your lounge or study areas. Your bedroom is for you to relax, share love, rest and sleep. An interesting book would keep you awake and distracted from the initial purpose of your room!
– Do NOT place liquid crystal alarm clocks just near your bed head. You might wake up with a headache. Locate it instead at least 1.5 metre away from your head, maybe in your en-suite This helps reduce the electro-magnetic field exposure
– Remove as many electrical appliances from the bedroom as possible
– Ideally, avoid computers or anything related with your work or your daily business; you’d dream and worry of work all night
– Look what’s behind the wall of your bed head. Avoid placing your bed near AC (alternative current) electromagnetic field sources. Do NOT place it against a wall that has a refrigerator, computer, electricity heater, hot water system, TV or meter box on the other side.
– Raise your bed at least 40 cms from the floor to help reduce the electro magnetic field exposure from wiring under the floor
– Do not place mirrors on side walls nor on the foot of your bed – in other words, no mirrors where you could see yourself when lying down
– Avoid fresh plants and fresh flowers in bedrooms.

I stop the No No’s list here, this gives you already a sound idea of what you can easily avoid.

What you scan before you sleep makes your night..
What you scan as you wake up makes your day…
Feng Shui your Bedroom!

Happy Feng Shui for relationshipFig 1 – Happy couples place at least one photo of them together in their bedroom.

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Your First Easy Steps to Feng Shui 4th Edition now for you to download on your PHONE & TABLETS

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