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Since the age of 18 I dreamt of a Bang & Olufsen stereo sound system.

A few years ago we drove past the B&O shop and I stopped to show my long time dream to my son. Once inside, our eyes were sparkling. The owner gave us a catalogue diplomatically mentioning the starting prices.

Back home, we admired the rich catalogue and dreamt of the piece we could bring into our lounge.

We then implemented some changes in our Abundance sector and within 2 weeks we got an unexpected amount of money that was exactly what we needed for a basic B&O model!

Amazingly we looked at each other and we drove to purchase my long time dream.  I wondered why I waited so long? I love beauty and only surround myself with a few exceptional items. I finally allowed my dream to come true.

Why did I wait so long?
I simply forgot that I deserved it !

Roseline Deleu, international Feng Shui Master & Metaphysical Teacher