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MV TECOMAN, 442 ft ship (135 m) was having constant serious mechanical problems while sailing along the Pacific coast of Mexico in 2002 when one of the crew members suggested to the Captain the opportunity to bring his village ‘sorceress’ on board to see what was wrong.

What was there to loose?

She visited the vessel in the port of Pichilingue (La Paz). For the first time on board of a vessel, she asked the crew to all gather on the main deck so that she could visit and tune freely into the ship.

Without knowing anything about the issues nor the names of the motor parts, she told the Captain which motor was “ill”.

She described in details the internal mechanical pieces that had issues with her own words.

She then told the exact date when the problems started that correlated to the arrival on board of a man dressed all in black. How could she know?! There was indeed a Polish crew member who got on board at that exact date who wore black clothes.

Once she performed her exorcism, the ship was “free” and the ‘sick’ spare parts got changed, the nagging issues stopped! Most of the crew was initially sceptic but all could feel that something was indeed happening!

This story was kindly told to me by the Captain JPH himself.
I hope you enjoyed this story. Kind regards, Roseline Deleu http://www.fengshuisteps.com/psychic.html