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What message comes across when you meet someone for the first time? The way people look, how they are dressed, their body language and smile – all reveals a little about who they are or might be.

“You never get a second chance to give a first impression!” can be true on many levels, in your daily life and also from a business perspective. Understanding and applying the “Focal Point” concept can be a life changing experience and in a business this becomes a very powerful marketing tool.

How can you applying this Focal Point strategy in a few easy steps and look good, feel good and give a positive and professional message? Following this concept will help attract new clients and increase business in subtle ways.

house smileThe entrance to your business is like the a friendly smile on your face. It is the way that you welcome your clients and staff. Today, your first step is to stand outside of your business entry door and look at it with ‘new eyes’ like you would be a person that comes for a first visit. Then ask yourself following questions:

1) Can people find the location easily?
2) Is the business name prominent, is its logo clear and neatly displayed?
3) Is the entrance and door clean and welcoming?
All the answers you will get are personal and each one of you could now consider adjusting signage and logo as well as making your entry as welcoming as possible.

1) What do people see when they open the door and enter the reception area?
2) What do visitors notice when they sit in the waiting area?

When people sit and wait, this means they have time to read and look around!
Firstly, be professional and never let your clients wait too long!
Also, take advantage of the time they sit and wait : and grasp that opportunity to let them know about your business, your services, your new and existing products.
For example:
– Prepare a portfolio with your products, newspaper articles, clients feed-backs… and leave it on the coffee table in the waiting area for visitors to read.
– Display a pin board with your business best sellers, latest news and a brief message encouraging people to ask questions to the receptionist.

In other words, put yourself for a few moments in your clients’ shoes (or thongs) and imagine what they could think, what they would like to know! Think ahead and prepare your entry and reception areas accordingly.

Sometimes we meet people while we are out of the office. Wearing our clean and ironed work uniform gives us a sense of belonging and pride. Handling a professional business card reflecting the business logo and valid contact information is essential for potential upcoming business and work connections.

Last month, I offered the suggestions of this article to a couple of local businesses in Honiara. In the few days that followed my visits, I started seeing changes in the office layouts. New photos on walls, furniture rearranged or removed, new seats covers – and more!
roseline in HoniaraToday, staff feel better in their work environment and their happiness levels have increased at work and at home too. The new look has reinforced and built the team – today they all focus in the same direction: the Focal Point .

Roseline Deleu
International Homes, Business & Life Style Designer  – in other words… Feng Shui Master & Author 🙂