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Ready to develop your business, increase your turnover and your number of clients – how do you start?

Together with your business plan, a strategic marketing and an active and motivated sales team, the ancient art of placement of Feng Shui can help!

Roseline Deleu, Feng Shui master in Australia travels the world and adapts this ancient Chinese art to different cultures recommending tasteful layout and decor. Her suggestions will contribute to the well-being of those living and working in a work or home environment.

No need for Chinese lucky charms, Roseline says it is the energy flow meandering in your surroundings combined with common sense, your mindset, your decor and your clear intents that influence your success.

What is referred to the ‘Power Position’ is essential.

Office Study layout for success by Roseline DeleuFig 1 – Power position of the desk = you sitting facing the entry with a full wall behind your back

The ‘Power Position’ means to be sitting in the best possible spot in the room so that you are seeing all what is happening around you and what is coming towards you while having a support behind your back (often a full wall or a well organised heavy cupboard).

The ideal study or office should be clutter free with plenty of filing systems clearly marked and with filed documents. Placing the desk in the ‘Power Position’ – this means that the person working is facing the Chi (energy flow) entering the room. The ‘Power Position’ is for maximum control, concentration, respect and authority. Sitting there, you will have the greatest scope of vision and feel in command of the situation and managing your life.

When a desk cannot be placed in the ‘Power Position’ and could only be against a wall with you facing the wall, install a mirror to reflect anyone who enters. In front of you, display a nice picture of a landscape that would inspire you and open up your creative mind.

Would more than one person be working in this room, whenever possible, allow a separate desk for each person and place the shyest one or the one struggling for the moment, in the ‘Power Position’.

Ideal Office Layout - Roseline DeleuGeneral Feng Shui Tips for the Study/Office

  • When sitting at your desk, make sure your back is supported by a wall
  • Choose an uncluttered view and keep the space clear and clean with just the right amount of furniture
  • Undo the knots of the untidy electrical cords and hide them safely in appropriate cases
  • Hang certificates and awards appropriately
  • Roseline Deleu Feng Shui MasterCheck that the filing cabinets, bookshelves, door or other corners are not creating a poison arrow in your direction while sitting at your desk
  • Avoid a picture of water behind your back (lack of stability)

Roseline Deleu
International Feng Shui Master, best-selling Author

Post inspired by Roseline Deleu’s book
“Feng Shui Steps for your Career”