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(Today, is my Dad’s birthday. He has been in Spirit for a few decades.  I send him Love & Peace. ❤ Thank you for everything you did for me Dad!)

Coincidentally, a couple of days ago, I was at a re-enacting of the funeral ceremony of Bill Neidje, the last surviving speaker of the Kakadu language.

As part of my Feng Shui posts about Honouring our Ancestors, I wish to share following very important event that happened here in Canberra a couple of days ago:

25 March 2014 – Canberra – Reconcilliation Place hosted a very special event.

“Extract of AITSIS brochure – LORRKKON ceremony was lead by Binninj ceremonial leader Ronald Lamilami and Yolngu ceremonial elder and artistic Director of the evening’s event, Djakapurra Munyarryun. Both Ronald and Djakappurra led the ceremony at the Hawk Dreaming bone ceremony that was screened on the large media screens during the evening.

Lorrkkon Ceremony Canberra 25 March 2014LORRKKON relates to having the bones placed in a log (or in wooden container) and taken to a secret cave at Hawk Dreaming near the Valley of Bones for safe keeping. This ensures the last surviving speaker of the Gagadju language, Bill Neidjie’s spirit remains connected with his country and allows him and his family to continue their care and lawful management of the Bunitj lands.

The ceremony is performed on the specially prepared Bunggul ground. It is a re-enactement of the final part of his funeral ceremony. However, unlike the original, it does include women and men as tonight it involves a public aspect of this ceremony that involves the handing over of the film footage by the East Arnhem Land Aboriginal people (Yolngu in green) to the West Arnhem land people (Binninj in blue) who are connected through family and songlines.

honouring Gagudju Man The footage was then passed across by the Binninj ceremonial leaders to the old man’s children and grandchildren to handover to AIATSIS who become the new guardians of this precious and rare archive.

smoking ceremony canberraFollowing the ceremonial handover and acceptance speeches, the group return to the centre of the Bunggul ground for a cleansing smoking ceremony.
This marked the conclusion of the LORRKKON ceremony.”

It was a very touching event where unfortunately the Prime Minister of Australia, The Hon Tony Abbott MP couldn’t attend in person due to other commitments.

This ceremony was part of the celebration of 50 Years AIATSIS www.aiatsis.gov.au/connect

I am glad I was there.

Roseline Deleu
Feng Shui Master