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The House allows one to dream in Peace
– Gaston Bachelard, philosopher

The Aston - Classic ConstructionsThe dwelling collects images, so memory and imagination become fused with the physical space on a daily basis.

With time, these physical spaces become memory and imagination too. When we move house or apartment, our former dwelling becomes a memory and not a physical space to us. First we live in a dwelling then it becomes indwelling within us.

Roseline connecting with SpiritWhen traditional people apprehend gods and nature spirits in specific locales, they are merely doing the same thing on a larger scale and with the natural environment. They are at home in nature in a way most of us are not.

Place is not passive. It interacts with our consciousness in a dynamic way. It contains its own memory of events and its own mythic nature, its Genius Loci or Spirit of Place which may not be visible and can be apprehended by the human and animal interloper in the appropriate mental state.

The bringing of information into the focus of conscious awareness is a state-specific activity.

Forms, textures, smells, sounds or light of a particular place can trigger associations within us that another place would not. It can bring things to the fore, into awareness, that were until then existing in the unconscious mind.

Place can therefore illuminate us and can provoke mythic imaginings within us.

When we let this rich relationship with the environment decline into extinction, we become lost. We then literally cease to be fully human in the true sense of that work which comes to us via the Old Latin hemo meaning earthborn; that will inevitably translate into physical implications for our species.

Roseline and BuddhaNew Year approaching, it is perfect timing to look at your dwelling and its decor then discard objects and memories you no longer need.

Roseline Deleu
International Feng Shui Master & Author