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Oct 2019

In the current October weeks, you finally start understanding how to respect yourself… I mean how to respect your mind, your body and your soul! It is only when you respect every aspect of yourself that you can respect others, not the other way around.

Every Body is a beautiful body
Every Mind seeks positivity, happiness and enthusiasm
Every Soul longs for Love because that is all what matters!

Take DAILY opportunities to respect your Body, Mind and Soul and action it with

Body – look at your body and give yourself a compliment
Mind – look at the bright side of your day
Soul – we are emotions, focus on the good emotions and joys that came to your awareness today.

Here is a little ritual for the month: 3 little steps for wonderful days.


as you go to bed, summarise each of the 3 steps you took today for respecting and honouring :
– your Body
– your Mind and
– your Spirit

 and you’ll enjoy a good night sleep.

Enjoy this month to the fullest ❤

Roseline Deleu
International Feng Shui Master & Author