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When I answered my new hairdresser question :“What do you do, Roseline?” she probably expected a simple answer! šŸ™‚

Telling her only a couple of stories of my life in remote Aboriginal communities in the Central Desert of Australia, sharing my time with the First Nations people, certainly started to broaden her horizons!

Many decades ago I intrinsically knew that there was more to Feng Shui than the Chinese approach. Having lived in Europe and in Australia, I could feel that the energies of the Land are different and I wanted to know more about my new country that today is called Australia. I started my researches on how housing affects Aboriginal people’s health and here is where my journey started.

Many many years later, I lived and worked in close to 20 Aboriginal remote places from Wanarn (Western Australia) to Ramingining (East Arnhem Land in the Northern Territory) and what I learned most is this:

LISTEN, LEARN, READ about the place you live in, the landscape, the plants, the people, the animals, the sound of the wind in the trees, the language.
Stay away from judgement.
Become part of your new home country with all that is included. REACH OUT!

When my new hairdresser heard about a couple of stories that I related, she immediately said: “This is fascinating, you should write a book about it!” She was ready to know more.

That’s when I asked her… “How many books have you read on Aboriginal or Torres Strait Culture and life since you moved to Australia 38 years ago?”
Her spluttered answer was – “none” !
Sadly many people are in the same situation, even those who were born here.

Please, don’t expect the Government to tell you all what you need to know, it is impossible!

WAKE UP and REACH OUT and see and feel how much happier you become.
May your Journey be as fascinating and enjoyable as mine ā¤
With Love and Compassion,

Roseline Deleu
International Feng Shui Master, Author and Professional Speaker