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on reduit le sucre

The August 2019 pink design carries an important message for your upcoming weeks. It shows self-Love. It is here a message about Loving yourself, the starting point being a deep respect with the type of food and drink that you pour inside your body on a daily basis.

During the upcoming weeks, we observe what we eat and carefully read the small letters on the packaging of food we purchase in the supermarkets. We note the 100 gr sugar intake and remember which products are better for us = those with the lowest numbers.

It is with less sugar that we are feeding our bodies and we rapidly will feel a difference in our moods (being more stable) as excess of sugar influences our brain function.

During August, we become aware of our body and feel better with less sugar, we find other food and slowly but surely we stay away from the excess we ate before. We respect our body with healthier food and drinks – by the way there is a really good water at the shops coming from Iceland and for those like me who love buying Australian Products, choose Life Energy Water high alkaline.

I admit that before publishing the guidance, I follow it myself first. My sugar intake dropped immensely in one week and not only did I eliminate 2 kilos (easily), I felt much happier (this is not because I saw the new figures on my scale). I feel lighter and happier, not by weight but by ‘moods’.

I used to be a sugar freak and indulging in 2 sugar spoons in my tea and French patisserie… Today, my taste buds are happy with less. I am still slow and take more time shopping as I keep turning the packages and discover which products have less sugar. One step at the time when we change our menus 🙂

I strongly suggest a great Australian Movie to watch “That Sugar Film” available on Vimeo.
Looking forward to reading your results 🙂

Roseline Deleu