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It is time to exercise our third eye!

Warning: Our third eye doesn’t need to be activated all day long!
It is at its best when we make time, relax and meditate.

We sit comfortably, breathe regularly, relax our whole body and then… focus on our 3rd eye (located inside the skull, a little bit higher than between the eyebrows), opening it like a lotus flower.
We MUST remember to close our third eye when we finish our meditation.

When we are in those excellent conditions, we may experience telepathic communication with others awakened individuals. Some say that they started seeing spirits of the dead. Others said that they received messages from higher beings.

Do these regular exercises at our own risks. Make sure that we ask for protection to our guides, God, Jesus, angels or whoever we believe in.

May this month of June bring us lots of wonderful insights.

Feng Shui Tip: for better results, sit and meditate in our sector ‘8’ that corresponds to our Spirituality.

Feng Shui Yours,

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