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May 2019

All our life experiences made us who we are today. Challenges, joys, lessons… each brought us, each time, a little more wisdom.

During this month of May 2019, ask yourself if lately… you were not too often in your ‘comfort zone?

How long since you made a few steps towards doing, eating, studying something new?
A new pattern will emerge for those who wish to change for the better.

Change is LIFE.

Feng Shui tip: to welcome change, clean your main entry/foyer, dust and wash your mailbox, make your windows sparkle with vinegar, put a couple of healthy plants near your front door and after all this, hang a round faceted crystal in the window the closest to your main entrance.

Roseline Deleu
International Feng Shui Master & Author

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Disclaimer – this guidance is for your own personal growth. Take responsibility for your choices and actions.