New Look – Predictions February 2019


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I promised you a new look for the monthly predictions for 2019, here they are! They become a monthly guidance with one clear and powerful message on which we can focus and receive the teachings in the next few weeks.

You are of course welcome to post your comment and your stories of the month following that message! 🙂
A full personalised guidance/reading is still available through phone (or Whatsapp) and takes 45 or 90 minutes – depending on your questions. A personalised reading is worth checking what your higher self wants you to understand and see where you are in your life right now while receiving some tips how to move forward 🙂

Book through this link


feb 2019

February 2019
Mother Nature is our best Medicine! Breathe her, drink her and surely take care of her!… because it is when you look after her that you are looking after yourself too! All is linked.

A quiet walk in nature gives you a boost of happiness and energy, that walk is without your mobile phone, far away from stress, multi media and television.

Roseline Deleu
International Feng Shui Master & Author
Email fengshuisteps [at] hotmail [dot] com

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