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Dear Roseline,

I am often caused to think of you through the feng shui principles you shared with me. In my own place I am experimenting selecting and placing things in places that amplify these principles.

Some of them jump out at you and you know and feel that they are right!
e.g. I have a central sky light in the main lounge kitchen area. Is it any wonder that it is my favourite area to sit and work, eat or play.

My kitchen is in the abundance area, needless to say I enjoy preparing and cooking wholesome foods and drinks.

I am constantly challenged to reduce my storage of building materials as I am nearing completion of renovation.

When things are removed a burden is lifted and you have more space to be and you feel “cleaner” and much lighter.

At the right time new things and experiences can be incorporated.

Thank you for the many posts you have been sharing on your blog in the past years, I’m sure it inspired many others.

Phil, Australia
One of your followers 🙂