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Hello Roseline, Firstly, I want to thank you for all the precious Feng Shui info that you put on your blog! I have a question for you – I bought a little cactus and placed it on the window seal at home on the wall that is touching an electric cabin, hoping that it’d take the bad vibes away. White spots appeared on the cactus, would that mean that the energy is bad there? That the cactus has absorbed the negative vibes that would otherwise come to me (this is possible). Is is better to get rid of the cactus or to look after it? Thank you for your insights. – Angie (France)

Hello Angie and thank you for your question as this is important for keeping the blog interesting for the readers!

Having no photo of your cactus, I can only answer to you… assuming. From what you describe, your cactus would have indeed reacted to the effect of the magnetic field coming off the electric cabin next to your home. Which means that by developing the unusual white spots, it shows to you that there is something bad around for yourself in that area.

Unfortunately, a little cactus wouldn’t be enough to protect you. Be logic, look at the size of the power cabin and your size compare it to the size of your little cactus… how many cacti would you need for a decent protection in this case!?

With your scenario, here are a few good questions to ask yourself:

  • Do the inhabitants and the animals living in your home have health issues?
  • Since when do you live in that house?
  • Do you rent or are you the owner?

In regards to your little cactus, move it to a safe and healthy environment and give it time to heal.


If you like, purchase many cacti and place all of them on your kitchen window on the electric cabin side and see what happens.

Take care. Best regards,

Roseline Deleu
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