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Whenever you feel threatened in life, especially since you realised that it has been happening ever since you moved into that new home… It may be a good idea to check how and where your home is located!

outdoor poison arrow by Roseline Deleu Feng Shui master               sha chi

In Chinese Feng Shui what is called a “Poison arrow” could well be what is making you uncomfortable. That “poison arrow” comes in many different ways, for example: a tall tree or line of trees right in line with your front door, a “T” junction of streets, protruding corner, a hospital or a cemetery  across the street and many other Sha Chi (rapid or negative Chi) that is coming towards you!

BaGua garden web1

Large Ba Gua in a Garden

In Chinese Feng Shui, people use a Ba Gua, an octagonal protection decorated by I Ching lines and often with a mirror in the middle. This Ba Gua is said to deflect negative energy and protects your home. It is important that the Ba Gua remains outdoors. So its best placement is often above the front door, on the fly screen above your head height or above a window if there is a poison arrow aiming at it.

Ba Gua gate web

A gate incorporating a lovely Ba Gua

I recently took a few photos to illustrate what Ba Gua may look like. And for those of you who can’t find one in their local shop… make your own, it is often very powerful because you add your strong intent of protection into yours.

Ba Gua ith orientation web

This special Ba Gua was located above a Car Repairer in Thailand

Whichever protection you will choose, depending on your culture, they all seem to be working amazingly!

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