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With the full moon tomorrow, it is really good that you have started all those 6 days of change. Indeed, now is the perfect timing to get rid of all habits and leave place for new ones.  🙂

Day 7 – Considering Photos

Many of you may still be working on cleaning out their in-boxes (emails, FB, FB posts, messages in their phones, etc.) and could find challenging the mission that comes up today with Day 7.

a) A few days ago, Day 2, you cleared your inboxes… The question is “How much NEW messages, posts and emails have you kept since then?” Have you started this automatic in-boxes clean-up daily, or automatically when it’s been dealt with – or have you kept the old habit of keeping everything?

b) Today is another titan mission: your digital photos!
You are aware that your photos take a huge amount of space on your computer HDD and on your phones. “How often do you look at ALL those photos?” (never – once only – once a year)… How many times do you refer to some of those photos? (sometimes to a few times in my lifetime – a few times per year – a few times per decade, …?)
Many people these days can take 5 shots of the same place and forget to only keep the favourite 1 and delete the other 4 that don’t look very good.

The excess of photos are clogging up your storage space…
How much is the same clogging happening in your head with all the excess of information causing you stress?

The photos of your holidays are only important to you and the people who were there. Ask yourself, how many photos do you really want to keep?

DSC_1740 doc

This photo has no real meaning for you as you probably haven’t been there. It’s a pond with coins in the superb Chiang Rai white temple! I am offering it to you and you may print it and use it as Feng Shui cure for your Abundance area (sector 4).

Suggestion – Each year, I prepare a little slide show with the photos of that year and the song that reminds me of those good times. I thus limit my number of photos per year to 50 approx. meaning 3 to 5 seconds for a 4 minutes song.

That doesn’t seem much at all does it!? Well this is all what I personally need to keep from my life for per year, the rest you can either put on a separate storage HDD after having eliminated the excess of ‘not good shots’ – or simply delete.

Scary isn’t it!?

I kept this digital photos clean up for Day 7 as this may well take you some time to achieve this task.

DSC_2231 webYou will feel so much better afterwards!

Feng Shui Yours,

Roseline Deleu
International Feng Shui Master & Author
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