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DAY 4 – Shoes & Underwears

Interesting day again today…

I’m sure that all of us have shoes we don’t wear anymore, those too tight, too old, wrong size, those that we bought and never wore… and never will wear 😀  all those shoes that have no real good reason to be in our shoe cupboards! NO more excuses, today, you give them away!
Shoes are the symbol of going forward in life ❤

Elastics that don’t hold anything anymore, worn out undies, too small ones… you name it! I’m sure you have got some 🙂
Our underwear are our next skin, so our body deserves to be comfortable with nice underwear with nice colours that will make us feel good.
No more reason that those unwearable underwear overload your draws! Today, they leave your home!

You may now deserve to buy ONE new item (if you really need it!)

Roseline Deleu
International Feng Shui Master & Author
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