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During my latest trip to Asia in January 2018, I became aware that a Buddha decoration isn’t as appropriate as we thought!

Bouddha decoration.jpg

Many religious organisations put a lot of effort in their street signs and forbid trade of Buddhas to foreigners.

Bouddha tatoo.jpg

Buddhas heads as well as tattoos are wrong too and illegal.

Many Feng Shui books recommend the placement of Buddhas in specific areas because initially those books were aimed at Asian readers that were Buddhists!

Now that we are aware of this, I believe that it is to each one of us to make our decision and ask ourselves what the Buddha truly means for us… before using it as decoration.

Personally, I have no Buddhas as home (and never had) and ever since I have consulted and taught Feng Shui, I have always been encouraging people to use their personal Feng Shui Cures and adapt this ancient art of placement to their own culture and in respect of the energy of their Land.

Feng Shui Yours,

Roseline Deleu
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