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For many, Valentine’s day is not always ‘rose‘. Lots are still waiting to meet their soul mate and won’t probably get no message, no card, no flower today 😦

Cendrillon et son Prince.jpgTalking with a dear friend of mine yesterday, we reflected how much Walt Disney movies of our childhood had influenced us. For us girls, we loved the Prince charming stories… and many are still waiting to meet ours 😉
What struck us probably the most is the end sentence “… and they lived happily ever after.” – this thought was set in our hopes and dreams and probably is still be stuck somehow there today.  😀

I read her those few words on which I reflected recently:

“…the difference between marriage and ceremony – real marriage isn’t 2 people dashing across a bridge in rice and ribbons… it’s discovering after a lifetime that they have built the bridge together with their own hands.” – extract of Richard Bach’s book « Running from SafetyAn adventure of the Spirit »

My favourite ‘recent’ Walt Disney is Wall-E – yep, I even cry when I watch Pocahontas!

So, today, if LOVE & ROMANCE are not in your life, re-decorate your bedroom and add pink colour for Love and red colour for Passion.

Feng Shui Yours,

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